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Million dollar dish...

The World Cup's over and Spain for the 1st time managed to lift the cup. (Wonder when will the Malaysian team get to touch it??..LOL). Who could have predicted that Spain would have won the World Cup? Well there's one that could. You could say luck or you could say its a real miracle but who knows right?? With 8 legs (the long thing with like suction cups...LOL) and 8 consecutive prediction that were true, how could PAUL not be famous? An octopus called 'Paul the Oracle Octopus' made world news with its prediction which all were totally true. So what do get with all that fame you have built? Well for Paul it means millions of dollar cashing on him (is it a him or her or both??). Due to worldwide debut and success, dear Paul could at least cash in some $4.5 million dollar in endorsements. Who say you can't be rich eventhough you're a "sotong" ?. LOL.

I think you might be seeing a new toy for McD's Happy Meal.

Wonder how got Paul would taste if he was on a plate? hahaha. Grilled to perfection.

I think I wanna get an animal too to predict Malaysia's future in the World Cup.. (Malaysia Boleh ok!!)