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Oh No! It looks like it truly is...

I've told myself that, "Nah. I'm still ok. But my clothes are getting kind 'fit'". So I've met a few of my Uni mates and this is what all of them have had to say. "AD you look so 'round'". Indirectly saying I've put on the pounds. This is bad news. LOL. I've always maintained it but I'm losing it. The reason? Try having your dinner every single day at 11 pm then sleeping later at 1 am. LOL.

'Mummy I'm getting fat!!'

So my new goal for now: Can't grow anymore wider. Must grow narrower. Target by this end of
this week, I shall be one size down. LOL. (If only I can resist). Jogging time now!!

Lucky I'm tall. So you can't realise it. LOL.


  1. thats the thing i hate.. cos i dun have the HEIGHT to back me up !!!!!! :(

  2. LOL...that means you gotta really watch what you stuff into yourself..

  3. watch is one thing... but the MOUTH control ;p

  4. but i can see the gain..hahhaa

  5. HAHA you're right Danny..If you watch but your mouth can't stop then thats too

    Of coz you can

  6. Got no treadmill at home la...


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