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Then there was FOUR

So everybody is talking about the iPhone 4 when its gonna be out, who's gonna bring it in and all the bla bla bla.(Well I'm one them LOL) And today finallyyyy there's some news on it about when is the iPhone gonna reach our shores.(but not sure bout the date yet) From what I've known, it might be pweettyyyy sooooonnn. How I know? Well first both Maxis and Digi has put up a registration of interest page for the phone on their sites.Heres the view of the sites. (Click on the pics to the sites)

Who Rules??

Second, well let just say I know larrrr....Also the iPhone definitely will be in Malaysia. Because both Maxis(see 8 June 2010) and DiGi have released press release about it. So?? Its gonna be a tough fight for Maxis and DiGi of who's gonna be the #1 telco to launch the phone. I think Maxis will be the first to launch it since it never wants to be 2nd in anything. (its good ma).
The iPhone 4 might come in August. Who knowsss???