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To a Friend

Ok this entry to someone who've I knew for many many years (sounds so long and old..LOL). So he is also called (by me) 'butch-a'. Well its because of his crazy lazy character. LOL. He total funny and always the very D.x.x.A person but his a great friend.

Message to him:

Oiiii...take your MUET early and become my junior in UPM la...why go Monash...LOL

Belanja me Twillight (spelling check please) then I'll take you to watch it..

I'm sure you're reading this post by now. Luckily nobody knows who you are. Wouldn't want to increase your popularity.. hahahaha


  1. You know this post is kinda a bit too late.. lol and btw, I'm lazy!?!?!


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