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Today is another day in my life where it becomes unlucky. So as usual I was on my way to work from my house to the train station in BTS. Drove to the parking area, open the window, paid RM4 then drove to the parking spot. As I drove I press the 'up' button to close the driver's side of the window. But something happens. The window won't go up. The window is either stuck or something else. I parked my car and tried the closing the window. It won't move. SHOOT!!!.
Thought to myself, "Why must it happened today? Why always on a Monday?". So had no choice, I SMS-ed my supervisors and inform them of my situation and won't be able to attend work. (I wonder what will they say since I've missed work for 2 days this month for emergencies and all are on a Monday?...hye it's not my fault K.)
Then wanted to drive back to my place but the jam was like hell. So drove back to my parents place where there was a mechanic which did my window before. When there, checked it and "hye your window, the power motor is spoiled already. Have to change."
Arghhh...why? . Changed it and it cost RM150. Damn!. It's the second time I've to repair that window.
Today I'm not at work because of my car window. Plus it cost me money not to be at work.
I think I'm having the unlucky season now. Have you ever gotten those times when everything or anything you do seems unlucky? Well I do.
Luck luck go away. Come again another day.
(p.s. - worse, I can't get back my parking money although I was only there like for 5 minutes)