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53 and still counting....

I know its kinda late to post this but it's not just once a year its celebrated. It should be celebrated everyday of the year right?
53 years of independence, and my home country, Malaysia has grown like mushroom's after a rain. 31 August 1957 was a memorable day and date for all Malayans (Malaysian). 

Can Katy rock with this song?

So all Katy Perry fans have you had enough of Teenage Dream? I sure don't. So far for me her 1st and 2nd single are freaking 'ooo la la la'. From sweetish naughty to lovey dovey, she goes more encouraging in her soon to be her 3rd (that's what I know la...don't blame if wrong k..) single. Will the 3rd one be a hit? I wonderrrrr... Here's Katy Perry performing her soon to be 3rd single from the album Teenage Dream, Firework..

Its all about the music.....

I have not been a fan of Korean nor Japanese music but lately I've been getting kinda hook-on to it. (I'm lovin' it pa da pa pa pa). For what hell of a reason I don't know but one thing's for sure, the music is really catchy and my likings. Sometimes American songs can get kinda boring already because they sound all almost the same these days with the technos and high pitch voices. Even British songs are better. But you can't beat the popularity of American singers. They still have the standard and quality that's for sure. (soluteee). So here's one song that has gotten me so addicted to it recently. Enjoy buggers... (japanese version sounds better then the korean one...funny..lolz)

I Dreamed A Dream

I dream of a having a big house. I dream of having a luxury car. I dream of going around the world. I dream of being a celebrity. I dream of living the high life. I dream of having all the money. I dream of having a happy family. I dream of having my family by my side always. I dream of loving someone with all my heart. I dream of finally being someone worth while. I dream of achieving my dreams. Will my dreams come true? Dreams are what that's making me dream even more....

Still wanna buy?

Who doesn't love clothes? I mean who doesn't? (maybe there are some but NOT ME!!). I love clothes. Although I don't go for those highly branded expansive (MTF expensive stuffs...) but I got for those that I can afford. My mum always scolds me for buying to much clothes (also she sponsor some for me you mum and my sis too) that in the end fills the cupboard till there's no more place left. I don't know why but I just love buying and wearing. Some people can wear the same thing for years but me, if there's a chance, every week I want something new. But that's not possible because I make a million dollars a week. Clothes clothes clothes. Its a symbol, statement, status, pride, ego, and most important PERSONALITY. So my clothes are what a person can tell about me. Flaunt it and make it work....... When to go shopping again??? lolzz..
This is the problem. What to wear???

Whats happening?

Don't know. I'm blank. Currently I'm so down man. Shit!. I'm so frustrated. I'm so confused. I'm so angry. I'm so sad. I'm so tired. I'm so weak. I'm so disappointed. I'm so out of thoughts. I'm loss of directions. I'm trying to be strong. I'm facing it. I want to break down. But something is stopping me from doing it. I don't whats the matter. I'm looking left right. Up down. I think I'm heartless. I crying on the inside. But I'm still strong. Small matter won't hurt me. I can face it.

mY pLaTe

Everybody loves Nasi Lemak. I mean not every human being but those who knows it might love it. We have it not everytime or always but there are times when we just crave for it. Its one of the most famous food in Malaysia with almost a 100 dozen of varieties (I think...donno ya or not). But for me a Nasi Lemak must be complete. Complete how? hehehe. Well it must have the main things and the taste better be good. (otherwise I won't finish it...fussy pot..lolz). So what must my (maybe some of you too) Nasi Lemak must have.
 It must be complete like this. (not inclusive of drinks okay!)
 First. Must have a side dish. Chicken rendang!!!. Curry 'x main la'. Really rendang then "its heaven..lolz"
 Second. Real Really Really crunchy fried 'ikan bilis'. (those like 'masuk angin' its not in my vocabulary)
 Third. Hard boiled egg. Big one and tasty one. (one whole egg would be better but half also ok la)
 Fourth. 'Kacang'. Salted ones would add taste.

A rush of something...

Currently I'm kinda feeling a little disappointed with someone who've I've known... Why do people change? Its the attitude problem I think....

Currently I suddenly had a remembrance of someone I've knew a few years back. I've only known for a few days then to weeks. I was invited some where but I rejected. Had a few calls which I've not answered and then..."snappp".. We've lost contact since then. The last thing I know is that, that someone might be in Singapore. Why do we loose contact with people whom we knew? Its nature maybe....

Planning maybe??

OK so I think this is one of certain part of my life that I need to do serious planning. Although I do do a lot planning but this one the important stuff. (DAMN!!!). So many to think. (Why the sudden urge??)
Got to plan when to do 2 major projects. (for me is major coz its like life and death..!!). I need to complete my FYP proposal as soon as possible. Otherwise I'm dead. Then got to the drafting. (only if its approve). After that got to complete my internship report. (which I will have no idea what to write). All this got to be done within like a few months. My proposal got to be out by September (aiming to finish it by next week but I have not start a single page!!). For the draft and report I have no idea when but I'm thinking it will be October and November. 
How?? How??!!. (I got to be calm and FOCUS!!)
Plus the work I'm getting at work, its not helping either.
So my planning: Proposal out by 1st Sept                          Report to start after Raya                    …

Chit Chat Time

So the other day when I went back home (every weekend I do that) me, my sis and my mum had a chat. It was a casual chat. We always do have it. Especially with my sis. We'll talk all sorts of stuff. Even gossiping about our own relatives. LOLZ. (we can say all sorts of stuff..harsh to!!haha). So about the chit-chat, it goes like this.
On a Saturday afternoon. While watching a movie at home. A chit-chat situation.

Mum: You got girlfriend or not?

Me: Nope. If got I'll let you know.

Mum: Sure or not?

Me: Ya la.

Mum: Make sure you get a girl and not a guy you know.


Mum: If you get a guy me and dad will pengsan. Hahahaha.


Mum: Get pretty girl....

Sis: If you want to get a guy, make sure he's handsome and got money.

Me: Why?

Sis: Don't get the Ah Beng type. Good looking and rich not so bad. Still can 'tahan'..haha

Mum: Your sister ah...

Me: Hahaha nothing else to talk is it??

Its all about bread...

Recently, or should I say last Saturday (lolz) after visiting the Estee Lauder (checking spelling please..) sales at the Renaissance Hotel in KL, I took along walk all the way from Jalan Sultan Ismail to Pavillion KL. Luckily the weather was cool and not hot. So at Pavi had lunch then stroll around doing some window shopping, got me some nice T-shirts and great 'site viewing' too. (lolzzz nice views there..haha). After some walking, my stomach had the hunger for something I've not tasted before. Suddenly I remembered about reading something in KLUE lately about The Loaf. I've heard of its name and glam but didn't get the chance to try it. So I didn't want to miss the opportunity now, so headed straight for it. Some pictures to share with some story to tell with it.
At The Loaf:
The shop had a nice and simple concept. Love the two level thingy, but lets skip to the bread I've ate. (not alone la of coz) (p.s.-I couldn't remember the names of the bread th…

ti to ti to ti to ti to

nearing,closing, opening,touching,

What are you thinking?

Sudden change of the moon I think..

When you were trying to catch fishes in the sea with all your skills and rods, nothing bites your bait. The bait was good and tasty but the fishes didn't accepted it. Maybe the fishes just wanted something more tastier. You sat for hours fishing but still no catch. So whats the reason? It could be maybe the fishes just wants to play around with the bait. So after sometime, you tried and tried until you gave up. Then you did your last fish, and you had a catch. A big one. You were happy to get it and truly appriciated it. After that catch you stop fishing for awhile to concentrate on other hobbies.

Then suddenly one day you decided to go back to sea just for the fun of fishing since its been so long. The second you throw the bait, a bunch of fishes comes to get it. So you were shocked to find your bait attracts so many fishes. Whats the reason? Does the bait now taste better? Is it because after you caught one fish the last time, all the other fishes had a sudden desire for your ba…

Look out!!!

Driving in KL can be like a war zone. It's a real madness and sometimes hell but can be quite pleasant at times. 10 things about driving in KL (for me la) which makes me go 'kookoo' Jam like lamb. Not like peanut butter and jam but car and tar jam. (if you wanna drive in KL, suck it in with the traffic. Women are F1 drivers. Avoid them!! (so of them can be pretty fears and some are like F1 drivers too.. lolz) Motorcycles are innocent. Stick to your lane (don't even think of touching them with your car because you're always wrong when it comes to bikers) Toll means money. Why no free road ? (if you notice, almost all the roads heading in or out of KL are toll-ed...and they say toll companies not making money?? hermmm) Holes in roads. Every road is a must to have it. (no wonder warranty periods are longer this days for cars and the mechanics are laughing their way to the bank..HAHAHA) 'Saman' means 'aman'. Never drive like Schumacher. (Behind every bush the…

Which is true?

Some people say that a partner or spouse or lover understands you better then anyone else (except of course for your family la) but do they really do? So far from what I've known that is ain't all that true. Sometimes there a certain things you are hoping that he or she would know or maybe would know but, it seems that's not the fact. You may have thought that he or she would understand but, they don't. Assumptions are quickly made by them without even trying to understand or study the case. For me, there are times where my friends (and family) actually understand me better then a partner or spouse or lover. Its now the problem of knowing you longer or better but, it's the details that he or she, doesn't pay attention to which you would be hoping that they would.

Fire Drill!!! Hip Hip Go!!

As usual, I'll go into the office. Sit back awhile. Open the news paper, on the Pc, some web surfing. These days I'm always entering the office a little late but its ok. After 10, I'll start my work. So while I was flipping the paper, sudden (drums and thunder sound effects la) my boss comes running and says, "Hye everyone from the other side have left the building. I think we should to. Lets go for a DRINK". So as innocent as I am, I haven't got a clue what she meant. She invited me but I said later. Then when I looked around, 99% of the people are all out of the level and building. Thinking to myself, "Where the hack did everyone go?". So I asked around and it was a fire drill. I was like, "HUH???". Well don't wanna get caught in it, I left the building too.
The funny thing is, everyone actually left their places before the fire drill even started!! (Cool way to practice fire drill..LOL) The reason you may ask? Well simple. All don&#…

I got nothing to hide...

How true is that phrase? Everyone has something to hide. Everyone has something they won't want others to know. Even I have things to hide. A million things. Certain things hidden can't be explained by reasons. It's hidden because it has too. People hide things for safety, happiness, pleasure, and lots more. Not everything should be known by everyone. Sometimes keeping it hidden is much better knowing that you might eventually gain from it. 

May secrets be hidden, and hidden it shall stay, for as long as it has to.

Just wanna bla bla bla bla...since thats the only think I can think....

Alright. My flu was due to me not having ENOUGH sleep lately. It started of Friday. The weird thing is I was back home early but I slept at 3 a.m. Then the next day, I was out the whole. This is the real culprit. Got up at 9 a.m. . When for a hair cut came back change then out at 11 a.m. Where I went? Well the same place where everybody goes. Bukit Bintang!! So had lunch at the famous chicken rice at Bukit Bintang (don't know the name la). Wait! Forgot to inform, I parked at Jalan Alor (free parking..hahaha). Continue, then after lunch, decided to get some movie tickets. So where else? Pavillion lor. So walked all the way to the big (oo la la) complex. (Half way, I'm bloody hell almost soak in sweat). Bought the tics (by the way Inception was oh man booked like ding dongs. Only manage to get midnight seats. But ok la. Romantic..LOL) and sight seeing a bit, some window shopping too (dreaming as I walk past each and every shop like I was Bill Gates son..hahaha). So walk and walk…

Can't think

Can't think and concentrate on what to write now. I'm gonna get some rest. I'm down with a serious flu and not my usual self. Kinda cranky and tired. More insides later. xoxo