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Chit Chat Time

So the other day when I went back home (every weekend I do that) me, my sis and my mum had a chat. It was a casual chat. We always do have it. Especially with my sis. We'll talk all sorts of stuff. Even gossiping about our own relatives. LOLZ. (we can say all sorts of stuff..harsh to!!haha). So about the chit-chat, it goes like this.

On a Saturday afternoon. While watching a movie at home. A chit-chat situation.

Mum: You got girlfriend or not?

Me: Nope. If got I'll let you know.

Mum: Sure or not?

Me: Ya la.

Mum: Make sure you get a girl and not a guy you know.


Mum: If you get a guy me and dad will pengsan. Hahahaha.


Mum: Get pretty girl....

Sis: If you want to get a guy, make sure he's handsome and got money.

Me: Why?

Sis: Don't get the Ah Beng type. Good looking and rich not so bad. Still can 'tahan'..haha

Mum: Your sister ah...

Me: Hahaha nothing else to talk is it??


  1. luckily my sister will help me to change topic whenever someone asked my relation question ;p

  2. whOOP..such a horror chit cht while u not intrested yet in relationship..for me better finish my study and get a good job the find my wife.

  3. bell so right...
    imagine u were there..hahaha
    gosh statement "find my wife"...heheh

  4. OMG!!!!!! my roomate became GAY?? ohohooh.. i hope not OK!!!

  5. danish what GAY??? aiyo please ma...


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