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Fire Drill!!! Hip Hip Go!!

As usual, I'll go into the office. Sit back awhile. Open the news paper, on the Pc, some web surfing. These days I'm always entering the office a little late but its ok. After 10, I'll start my work. So while I was flipping the paper, sudden (drums and thunder sound effects la) my boss comes running and says, "Hye everyone from the other side have left the building. I think we should to. Lets go for a DRINK". So as innocent as I am, I haven't got a clue what she meant. She invited me but I said later. Then when I looked around, 99% of the people are all out of the level and building. Thinking to myself, "Where the hack did everyone go?". So I asked around and it was a fire drill. I was like, "HUH???". Well don't wanna get caught in it, I left the building too.

The funny thing is, everyone actually left their places before the fire drill even started!! (Cool way to practice fire drill..LOL) The reason you may ask? Well simple. All don't wanna have to walk the stairs down.(Could you imagine I would have to walk 15 floors down?? I'll shit bricks man..LOL)

So you would be thinking, 'A fire drill. Everyone must assemble at the open area to be counted and checked'.

Yeah right! The first thing everyone did was, TEA TIME!!! zooooommm....(including me too...hehehe)

It was like a special 2 hour break. Sat back relax, chit chat and Starbucks....kaching!