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Its all about bread...

Recently, or should I say last Saturday (lolz) after visiting the Estee Lauder (checking spelling please..) sales at the Renaissance Hotel in KL, I took along walk all the way from Jalan Sultan Ismail to Pavillion KL. Luckily the weather was cool and not hot. So at Pavi had lunch then stroll around doing some window shopping, got me some nice T-shirts and great 'site viewing' too. (lolzzz nice views there..haha). After some walking, my stomach had the hunger for something I've not tasted before. Suddenly I remembered about reading something in KLUE lately about The Loaf. I've heard of its name and glam but didn't get the chance to try it. So I didn't want to miss the opportunity now, so headed straight for it. Some pictures to share with some story to tell with it.

At The Loaf:
The shop had a nice and simple concept. Love the two level thingy, but lets skip to the bread I've ate. (not alone la of coz) (p.s.-I couldn't remember the names of the bread though)

  Instead of plastic trays, they used paper tray. (something different from others la)

So these were the types I took. Couldn't take much because this was like almost 2 hours after lunch. (can sumbat anymore into moi)

 This square yellow is actually like a sandwich bread. If you ate it, you would say it was more like with a french twist to it turning into a french toast instead. The white part is something like icing sugar because its kinda sweet to it.

 This one is of the unique ones. It has some nuts and jam like thing to it. The crust may taste over-baked but its actually that way. It gives a crunch feel to it. Hard on the outside but soft in. (caution-can be quite tough to bite so make your teeth are fine..lolz)

 My favourite. (if any you wanna buy me a bread thingy, get this for me and I'll love you..lolz). Its like a chocolate filled puff. The puff is soft like croissant. The centre is filled with chocolate rich chocolate and its not sweet. More like dark chocolate. (its almost heaven...hahaha)

 Big brown, flat and sticky. This particular bread is something like the plat sugar coated ones you can find else where. But what makes it different is the coating is sticky like honey and its not crunchy but munchy.

 If you like cheese you'll love this. Cream cheese filled bun. It looks kinda ordinary but one bite, you can taste the cheesiness of is. The inner taste something like a Secret Recipe pure cheese cake cheese only its in a bun.

Overall what I had was kinda good. But you must admit it the price is quite high but for once in awhile treat its okay. Only one thing, can't say much about the drinks. It would be better if you were to buy the breads and all from here and get a drink from Starbucks and relax and enjoy at a park (like KLCC park). Some might not fine anything special to it, but for me its the type of bread it has that makes it something different from the rest. Its not a must try but should try if you had the time and opportunity. + + + +