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Its all about the music.....

I have not been a fan of Korean nor Japanese music but lately I've been getting kinda hook-on to it. (I'm lovin' it pa da pa pa pa). For what hell of a reason I don't know but one thing's for sure, the music is really catchy and my likings. Sometimes American songs can get kinda boring already because they sound all almost the same these days with the technos and high pitch voices. Even British songs are better. But you can't beat the popularity of American singers. They still have the standard and quality that's for sure. (soluteee). So here's one song that has gotten me so addicted to it recently. Enjoy buggers... (japanese version sounds better then the korean one...funny..lolz)


  1. What can I say is they all look very HOT and just ADORABLE + cute!

  2. They truly are..gee gee gee gee


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