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Just wanna bla bla bla bla...since thats the only think I can think....

Alright. My flu was due to me not having ENOUGH sleep lately. It started of Friday. The weird thing is I was back home early but I slept at 3 a.m. Then the next day, I was out the whole. This is the real culprit. Got up at 9 a.m. . When for a hair cut came back change then out at 11 a.m. Where I went? Well the same place where everybody goes. Bukit Bintang!! So had lunch at the famous chicken rice at Bukit Bintang (don't know the name la). Wait! Forgot to inform, I parked at Jalan Alor (free parking..hahaha). Continue, then after lunch, decided to get some movie tickets. So where else? Pavillion lor. So walked all the way to the big (oo la la) complex. (Half way, I'm bloody hell almost soak in sweat). Bought the tics (by the way Inception was oh man booked like ding dongs. Only manage to get midnight seats. But ok la. Romantic..LOL) and sight seeing a bit, some window shopping too (dreaming as I walk past each and every shop like I was Bill Gates son..hahaha). So walk and walk.

Intermission-One question. Why is it that people like to stare at you in Pavillion? Its not just the normal stare from normal people but its the stare from 'some' people. (Unique people.. ;p). Well who cares right? Maybe I attract people easily...LOL

Continuing, after Pav, walked to Sungei (is it Sungai or Sungei?) Wang. I really don't know what I saw there but walking for 4 hours in that complex really makes you confuse. LOL. I go straight, back, left, right its all almost the same. You see people shopping like money was nothing. (and they say economy no good cannot spent but...). But its been a few since I've truly walked the whole of Sg. Wang.

Intermission-Why do people say Sg. Wang clothes are cheap? It ain't all that cheap though.But like the concepts they have. Lots of KoooooLiiiiiEnnnnn influence. 

Continue. So it was 7p.m. time for dinner. Funny that day I was craving for Thai foooooddd!! My friend introduce to me once in Pandah Indah where there was this (OMG yummmy) Thai one. So drove all the way there only arriving at the place at 8.30pm. The traffic was madness from B. Bintang to P. Indah. (Why the hell do they a gazillion traffic lights along the way). Although it was a journey there, the food made me satisfied. Price 39 for 4 dishes for 2. (Cheap ma...). After dinner went back, rest and out again for the movie.

Intermission-Why do people like to hang out at Starbucks or CoffeeBean? I mean you sit there for hours on a single cup of coffee and bla bla bla. Some can sit for truly hours with the laptop doing their favorite pass time, FACEBOOK-ing!! and lots of other sorts. (but its great because I get to spy what are they chatting about..LOL)

The final chapter. So the movie was "Inception". Seriously I was on the verge of actually sleeping in my seat. But suddenly, excitement happens. TG the middle part was 'zooom zaaam ziimm zzeenn'. If it wasn't, maybe I might had my own Inception..LOL. 

The week I had was truly a lovely one.. Got to go out, jalan-jalan, makan and lastly sleeeeeeppppp....(Warning: don't go jalan-jalan now. The weather will ruin you. LOL). And due to the busy week, I am having the sight effects now of being sick!! 

Words of truth: Don't go out so much. No good. You not only will make your wallet sick bu even your self too.