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Look out!!!

Driving in KL can be like a war zone. It's a real madness and sometimes hell but can be quite pleasant at times.
10 things about driving in KL (for me la) which makes me go 'kookoo'
  1. Jam like lamb. Not like peanut butter and jam but car and tar jam. (if you wanna drive in KL, suck it in with the traffic.
  2. Women are F1 drivers. Avoid them!! (so of them can be pretty fears and some are like F1 drivers too.. lolz)
  3. Motorcycles are innocent. Stick to your lane (don't even think of touching them with your car because you're always wrong when it comes to bikers)
  4. Toll means money. Why no free road ? (if you notice, almost all the roads heading in or out of KL are toll-ed...and they say toll companies not making money?? hermmm)
  5. Holes in roads. Every road is a must to have it. (no wonder warranty periods are longer this days for cars and the mechanics are laughing their way to the bank..HAHAHA)
  6. 'Saman' means 'aman'. Never drive like Schumacher. (Behind every bush there's a hunter waiting to slap you with a piece of paper with big figures)
  7. You are not alone. Drive on the proper lane. (there's always some who thinks they own the whole road and driving on the fast lane but going at wonder many Malaysian's got high blood..lolz)
  8. Big bully. Big car like to bully others. (those who drives those "big" cars and those who likes to show them off will tail you from the back if you're in their way and start flashing their big fancy goo goo lights at your butt)
  9. Thou shall repaint. Prepare for dents and scratches. (no matter how careful you drive, even if you don't 'bang' or 'boom' others, but the rest will 'krekk' or 'kriik' you instead and every car might actually love lots of love bites)
  10. From lights to humps. Stop and go every where you move. (almost every access street or road in KL has a traffice lights to stop and humps to slow which quite annoying..TOTALLY!!)
These are actually some of the things about driving in KL but, this few interest