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mY pLaTe

Everybody loves Nasi Lemak. I mean not every human being but those who knows it might love it. We have it not everytime or always but there are times when we just crave for it. Its one of the most famous food in Malaysia with almost a 100 dozen of varieties (I think...donno ya or not). But for me a Nasi Lemak must be complete. Complete how? hehehe. Well it must have the main things and the taste better be good. (otherwise I won't finish it...fussy pot..lolz). So what must my (maybe some of you too) Nasi Lemak must have.

 It must be complete like this. (not inclusive of drinks okay!)

 First. Must have a side dish. Chicken rendang!!!. Curry 'x main la'. Really rendang then "its heaven..lolz"

 Second. Real Really Really crunchy fried 'ikan bilis'. (those like 'masuk angin' its not in my vocabulary)

 Third. Hard boiled egg. Big one and tasty one. (one whole egg would be better but half also ok la)

 Fourth. 'Kacang'. Salted ones would add taste.

 Fifth. Cucumber slices. The slices must be thick and crunchy. (the left outside type for long which becomes so 'lembik' is a no no)

 Sixth. SAMBAL!!! The most important thing in a nasi lemak. It mustn't be too sweet or salty. But must be 'HOT'!!!...

 Finally. The rice. Cooked with 'santan' to perfection.

So this is my complete plate of 'Nasi Lemak'. Everyone has their own likings. But mine is like this.....