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Planning maybe??

OK so I think this is one of certain part of my life that I need to do serious planning. Although I do do a lot planning but this one the important stuff. (DAMN!!!). So many to think. (Why the sudden urge??)

Got to plan when to do 2 major projects. (for me is major coz its like life and death..!!). I need to complete my FYP proposal as soon as possible. Otherwise I'm dead. Then got to the drafting. (only if its approve). After that got to complete my internship report. (which I will have no idea what to write). All this got to be done within like a few months. My proposal got to be out by September (aiming to finish it by next week but I have not start a single page!!). For the draft and report I have no idea when but I'm thinking it will be October and November. 

How?? How??!!. (I got to be calm and FOCUS!!)

Plus the work I'm getting at work, its not helping either.

So my planning: Proposal out by 1st Sept
                         Report to start after Raya
                         Draf wait for proposal to be out 1st..LOLZ..

Anyways forget work stuff. Time for holiday!!. 

Can't wait to go Pangkor again. It'll be like my third time only there. Wanted to go Pangkor Laut but can't. (sobs2). The price will kill me.!! But luckily I've been there once. lolz. So rooms have been booked for 2 nights (sleeping!!) and bus tickets too. If you want gives let me know ya! lolz.

p.s. - trying to start  my proposal but instead I'm blogging..haha