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Still wanna buy?

Who doesn't love clothes? I mean who doesn't? (maybe there are some but NOT ME!!). I love clothes. Although I don't go for those highly branded expansive (MTF expensive stuffs...) but I got for those that I can afford. My mum always scolds me for buying to much clothes (also she sponsor some for me you mum and my sis too) that in the end fills the cupboard till there's no more place left. I don't know why but I just love buying and wearing. Some people can wear the same thing for years but me, if there's a chance, every week I want something new. But that's not possible because I make a million dollars a week. Clothes clothes clothes. Its a symbol, statement, status, pride, ego, and most important PERSONALITY. So my clothes are what a person can tell about me. Flaunt it and make it work....... When to go shopping again??? lolzz..
This is the problem. What to wear???