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Sudden change of the moon I think..

When you were trying to catch fishes in the sea with all your skills and rods, nothing bites your bait. The bait was good and tasty but the fishes didn't accepted it. Maybe the fishes just wanted something more tastier. You sat for hours fishing but still no catch. So whats the reason? It could be maybe the fishes just wants to play around with the bait. So after sometime, you tried and tried until you gave up. Then you did your last fish, and you had a catch. A big one. You were happy to get it and truly appriciated it. After that catch you stop fishing for awhile to concentrate on other hobbies.

Then suddenly one day you decided to go back to sea just for the fun of fishing since its been so long. The second you throw the bait, a bunch of fishes comes to get it. So you were shocked to find your bait attracts so many fishes. Whats the reason? Does the bait now taste better? Is it because after you caught one fish the last time, all the other fishes had a sudden desire for your bait? Is it there was a new recipe for your bait? Then you wondered. But you haven't change anything. It was the same bait since the last time. Could it be since global warming is happening, the fishes changes too? You confused and wondering. Thinking why the fishes wants the bait? Now you have a bunch of fishes in the boat. What should be done to it? Should you release it back into the sea? Because it was just a fun catch after all.

The story goes like this. Why when you're attach (that's what they call it), all the previous ones suddenly wants to get closer to you? A question which is hard to answer.


  1. cos maybe u 'glow' brighter when u r attached, which attracted more attention from others? ;p

  2. HErmmm could be true it could be not...but its so difficult..


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