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Which is true?

Some people say that a partner or spouse or lover understands you better then anyone else (except of course for your family la) but do they really do? So far from what I've known that is ain't all that true. Sometimes there a certain things you are hoping that he or she would know or maybe would know but, it seems that's not the fact. You may have thought that he or she would understand but, they don't. Assumptions are quickly made by them without even trying to understand or study the case. For me, there are times where my friends (and family) actually understand me better then a partner or spouse or lover. Its now the problem of knowing you longer or better but, it's the details that he or she, doesn't pay attention to which you would be hoping that they would.


  1. to me its very easy.. i share dif things with dif ppl..
    cos i oso have things that dun wish him to ;p

  2. ad..friends understand u more...just like comfortable sharing my personal wif u dear..cozu r my best fwens

  3. Danny ya i agree with u...certain things is better not said.. :)

    Jali u r.. i'm the same too with u.. we shall share more...


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