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10 years time.....

So where I see myself in TEN years time. (these are the choices I all continues with an 'OR')

1. The 1st would be seeing myself just lying on the beach (most expensive bitch beach) with lots of money   
    flowing or swimming into my pocket...hehehe

2. Having my own buss-ness. I think I wanna sell clothes for the guys and the girls who all sorts. 

3. Being the director of a super duper company where without me they will "DIE"!!!

4. I could be still sssssingggllleee or unmarried. (sounds scary!!)

5. Might have kids but not married.. (would it be adopted or clinically manufactured?)

I wonder what will happen in 10 years time ? Of coz other then my age being 10 times more or me being 10 times biggerrr..hahaha...still wondering.......


  1. one thing that i'm sure is.. in ten years time.. i am still ;p

  2. hahaha...that can't change ya...


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