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5 months.....

My internship will be officially over tomorrow. What a 5 month its has been. Damn so fast too!. Although I'm gonna enjoy my 3 months holiday before my next class starts, I'm gonna be bored to death I think. So much I've learned and so much I've made. Great people I've met from great places.
Maxis was a real great experience for me. Lots of cool events I've been to and from. Lots of goodies too. (lolz).
So where will me next adventure be? I don't know. Gotta wait and see.


  1. Awww. U finish dy?? AWESOME!! Kongratulasi!

  2. 3 months holiday? isnt it like.. too long?
    enjoy lah :)

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  4. aiman yeah...hye when wanna hang-out?

    danny very long write...not really holiday la i lots of stuff to do...gisss....

  5. U call me and ajak me out. simple.


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