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Damn 5th time I've met her....

I'm sure many of you guys and gurls have gone through the same situation as I have. Which is someone coming up to you and asking you to fill in some kind of form or what the hell its called. It can be quite annoying though people asking you all sorts of question and all. (please don't get annoyed with me ya when I do those kind of stuff..lolz). So back to the story I'm suppose to tell (crapping to much these days..haha), this girl around 22 or 23, specs, pony hair style, around 5ft, weight not even 50kg (she is thinnnn...), student I think came up to me. 
Girl: Excuse me sir can I ask you some Q & A ?
Me: (being a gentleman) Ok.
Girl: You working?
Me: Yes (with confidence although I'm just interning)
Girl: You satisfy with your pay?
Me: Yes (hell no I'm not!! hahahaha)
Girl: You save?
Me: Yes if I have extra
Girl: Would RM100 per month enough for you?
Me: No (how am I gonna survive in my old age if I save 100 bugs per month)
Girl: I mean just lets say la. No exactly.
Me: Ok. Then its enough. (I actually wanted to get rid of her..lolz)
Girl: Can  you give your number for future references?
Me: Sure (uh uh..I won't give you..I was so evil..012-XXXX was all different numbers..)
Girl: Thank you sir will contact you later for more updates and questions.
Me: Welcome..- BIG smile (lucky I didn't give my number..lolz)

Then few days later, wasn't sure if she knew I lied to her. But I bump into her again. She came straight up to me with the same freaking form. Lucky I was smart.

Girl: Sir could you......
Me: No thank you....

Then the following week again I bump into her. (Oh no is she my match mate in heaven???)
It was the same place again. Masjid Jamek station!

Fourth time. As if the third time wasn't a charm. But this time it was at the KLCC station.

Fifth time. (today!!) Of all the hundreds of people in KLCC, why must she come to me? At Burger Kings some more! She came straight to me (I think she recognises me too) and then "NO!". Simple and precise. LOLZ.

Am I just lucky or actually unlucky to meet her? 

"Oh dear lord. Why do I keep seeing this gal?"


  1. wowwwwwwwww. fateddddd! heehehee. its that what we called jodoh..huu
    pretty enough for u??

  2. who asked u to wear so outstanding?
    next time tone down a bit lah. lol ;p

  3. bella: oh no i hope comment bout that..i'm kind ok..lolz

    danny: hye it wasn't outstanding ma..working clothes only..colour ok fitting also ok.. ;p


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