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Don't stuff yourself....

So yesterday night took my parents and sis to a famous seafood spot in Ampang. It was called "Nong & Jimmy". I think by the name of it you can guest what sort of food they had there. (Nong nong....Thai loooo...). As usual the place is normal packed with hungry and desperate food lovers (but I'm not desperate ok. Took my family for a taste of it only...hihihi) who would stand and wait just to get a table there. (we also did the same thing by the way..hahaha). The food was Dili-si-ussss. The crab was two awesome huge crab. (it gotta be huge. 1.5kg for two crabs costing RM63 bugs mannn). So were stuff to the brim. That was ok. 
Then after sending sis and parents back, I headed home. Guest what? Food again!! My house mate had just returned from a 'kenduri'. So there was lots of food he 'ta pau' back. As being me, I couldn't resist. 
It started with just a few tasting sessions but ended up gulping down chicken, rice and so much more. (my stomach has loss its 6 pax already!! How??). 
Everything was find until I had morning sickness. (this part is kinda ugly to read please begone before it gets dirtyyy..LOLZ). In the morning around 8 am I woke up and rush to the loo. (the story goes on like that for the whole day until now too!!!...)
The moral here, don't mix your food which is the main reason and down be a food freak like me (seriously I love food but I do control it la otherwise I'll be 'humpty dumbty on a great wall' and I won't have the attraction anymore..lolz). Then make sure you are all ready and out to face what every goes down and comes out.....


  1. i love that thai restaurant as well.. 5mins from my house..:)
    get well soon.. but sometimes i do hope that i got diarrhea when i want to lose weight.. so salah kan? ;p

  2. the 'lala' aka clams too...yummy...but the amount of people can kill la..lolz
    hye I'm much better already today. ;p
    true2..its really helps you loose weight but for a while la..haha


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