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Goo Goo Gaa Gaa

There's so many pweeettty people in KL. (although I've known it for a long long time...hahaha). But there's also so many stupid people in KL. (stupid here means they don't use their god given brains to do something..)  There's also those not so pweetty ones in KL. Although KL people are like that, but I still do love KL-ites.(especially the pweety pweety ones of all sexes...  ;p) They are the most daring, outstanding, head banging, jaw dropping, and all those ing ing people. Never mess with a KL-ite. They'll kick your whopping ass up in the sky. Are you proud to be a KL-rian? I sure am... 

"hey sexy girl from kuala lumpur"
"hey baby that's me i'll be on the dance floor"


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