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If can't take care of it then don't touch it...

You know I'm not the kind which doesn't allow people to use my things unless its personal. I'm a person which if you want to use it, then go ahead but make sure you take of it. So one day (actually today la) someone borrowed my laptop for all his Facebook-ing stuff and all sorts. I've known he always uses it because he always inform me even though I'm at work. I don't mind since I only use it at night (because that is the only time I'm free). 
So today I came back from work, sat down, rest, took shower, had dinner, and settled down. I decided to open my laptop. For the few weeks that someone has used it, it was all clean and spec. I've told him to keep it clean and all if he wants to use it. 
The second I open the laptop, the first thing I saw was ashes (yeah cigarette ashes!! S#$T!!). The minute I saw it, I took a pic of it and I text him.

Me: Tagged on the pic - what did you do? come on. if you wanna use people's stuff please take of it. look at the cigarette ashes.

He: Sorry la. Maybe it drop when I was smoking.

Me: Didn't you see it when you close the laptop?

He: I didn't see anything also..

Me: Ok fine.

Ok. The moral is. I'm won't be mad if you actually took care of my stuff. Its not the first time. Why some people just can't seem to see the value in other people things? I mean come on. It might not be yours but couldn't you just take of it?


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