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I'm breaking up inside....but its making me stronger

I ain't sure if its me but we've not been getting along quite well.
I've been trying hard to keep it happy but it seems its not right at all.
I'm faking a smile just to pleased you for its want you may want.
I am giving my best to keep it strong but I can't be the only one.
I keep telling myself to look up and everything will be alright.
I'm hoping for faith for it maybe the only thing to help me get through.
I'm holding the parts together inside of which I am afraid to let go.
Why don't you see my feelings whenever I'm up or down?
Why don't you understand the things I've done just to get your attention?
Why do you judge me for everything that I've said and done?
Why do you say I've change for its you that I don't recognise anymore?
My inner may have change but its because of you who made me this way.
I am breaking up inside but you don't seem to know it.