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Oh no!!!...

So yesterday I decided to take a trip to the faculty in my Uni. When there to get the 'penilainan' form for my internship. After taking that I casually ask the 'kakak' when do I have to submit the report? She said 11/10/2010. So everything was fine. Then I decided to call my friend. So we chatted for a bit.

Me - eh you took your form already?
Bell - yup. why?
Me- just asking. the kakak said have to pass the report on 11/10
Bell - ya i know. not that only ok! have to pass up chapter 1,2 & 3 of our fyp too!!!
Me - what the hell!!! serious ar?
Bell - ya la. you go ask her.
Me - okays!

Me - kakak when need to submit the fyp chapter 1,2 & 3?
Kkk - on the same day as your internship report
Me - if submit later can ar?
Kkk - can. someone else will collect. but ar your marks will be deducted each day you send later ar
Me - hah like that ar. but if for us who got no time to see the lecturer yet how?
Kkk - then you better faster see them oh.

(Kkk stands for KAKAK)

OMFG!! The second I knew about it I was worried like hell!. I've only got 1 week left to do everything. Plus not forgetting, my freaking title has not even been approved yet by my lecturer! The best part, my lecturer will only be free next week!
So now have no choice but to just go on with my current title. Most important I submit something first better be save then sorry right?
With such short time to do anything I still have the time to update my blog. (i'm so hard working right? lolz)


  1. do the important stuff first... blog later when u r free cos it wont b fun if u blog when ur mind is not relax :)
    all the best :))

  2. Funny thing is I can't seem to concentrate on my work..I'm always day dreaming only...haha
    well thanks! ;)

  3. Ahahah why don't you do your work on your blog? That way you're blogging and working at the same time =p


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