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Serving my spare time....

Okay I've recovered from my yesterday sickness...(I've gotta tell the whole world ar? yeah I do..hahaha)

Since I'll be on holiday for such a long time and my TV doesn't seem to serve its purpose because I can't seem to get a freaking channel (the antenna in this new place don't seem to get a clear channel !! and waiting to subscribe to Astro la..sobs2..) I'll be on a drama fever. Its Korean fever!..LOLZ..
I bet every Malaysian who has a TV at home may know this super popular extreme drama about "COOKING" and "MEDS".. It's called:

(I find it weird the Korean name and English is so different)

Ok. I admit I'm a fan of this drama. (so ah ma right??lolz). But I like the story line although it can be quite dragging sometimes. 
For those who don't know about this drama, look it up at Wikipedia here.  ;p

How famous can this show get? Some of the actress manage to get their faces stamp on tupperware brands (the Lock & Lock brand ok..haha) and even appear electrical items (how cool is that?) plus even on planes. (love to have my face on it too...)

Want know more about the drama read here. (there's even a blog just for it ;p)

So I'm gonna be some ah ma for awhile.. sit back and enjoy..  lolz


  1. its good to become a housewife once a while.. sometimes i even listen to those 'radio-drama' while ironing .. lagi the ah soh kan/ lol ;p

  2. haha...true..and its relaxing too...

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