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Something to speak?

Finally I'm writing something on my blog.. (like don't..lolz). So some quick updates ya.

Pangkor FUN!!! love the sea although its not like Redang la...but still better then Penang..(its me...but its water wise ok not sight seeing wise..)

My skin is darkkkk. My face is like going through a new phase of live...lolz

Raya didn't visit anyone this time. Since I was on holiday and everyone is still away. (miss my college mates... sobs2)

Happy because tomorrow is Malaysia Day which means holiday for me..haha

Excited but sad also half hearted but want to go. My internship is about to end next. (5 months is like 5 days)

Still editing the Pangkor pics. Uploaded to FB but here not yet. (Will bla bla about the trip soon!!...heheehe)

Starting this Friday I'm gonna die with events until my last day. (iPhone 4 is coming soon I know? Because I'm working in Maxis ma...lots of secrets..heheehe)