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Stars are blind....

Who would have imagine. After being said to have been and partied with a Malaysian millionaire look at pic A and B.(which made a buzzz media wise)



Now she's making a her way down here. Who is it? Well she's none other then Paris Hilton (sure will stay at Hilton KL...lolz).But she will only be here for 24 hours and its this month too.
The pop star will here to launch her new fragrance called Tease and row of handbags only at Pavillion KL. the great thing, she will arriving on the 23rd, 24th for all those and will leave for Jakarta the same day but at night. (Crazyyy ??)
But for those PaLis HiRton fans, don't be down. You might just be able to meet and greet her since there will be a MEET THE FANS session at Pavillion too. (Nicky will be there too...ooooo)

Paris, hope you're not like what you are in Simple Life....LOLZzzz


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