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There's a fine line between Personal & Professional....

How many of you would agree that there is a very fine line between personal-ism and professional-ism? 

Although is a very thin fine line, but there is still a difference between those two things. There are times I wonder how people can say that they are being professional without mixing personal stuff with their work?

If you say you are being professional in your job and at work, but why do you take things written or said in a social networking site aka Facebook and bring it to work to discuss about? You say we should not bring personal matters to work. Let personal matters stay at its place. But look who's doing the other way round now? You talk about the power of social networking sites and how it can influence people and all. But did you realise that it also entitles you to what you have to say? You took what was said in that site and you bring  it to work and tell me I should not write those kind of stuff like that. Who you are to tell me what to write and not to write?  And besides it wasn't a matter of pointing finger at all at anyone. You only made a guess. You maybe the higher  royal with a crown on your head but still like I said its a personal matter. So why are you bringing that matter to work? You say I'm being quite immature about that matter because of stating it in that site but you being sensitive about that matter and bringing up that matter isn't that immature too? Sometimes people try to be the 'good person' in a certain situation when it occurs. But they don't realise that what you are doing is back-firing at you yourself. I know your good intentions but if you are being a professional in your manner, you should have though and observe before making a move like that. It's like what I've often said, 'Look yourself in the mirror and tell me what you see before passing judgment on others'.