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Why do we eat? Well maybe we eat because we have to survive? I think so. lolz

Sometimes I get so bored of deciding what to eat. Whether its breakfast, lunch, dinner or supper. There are times I would like take the whole day to plan what to eat. Even today, (I mean like now) I'm deciding what to have for dinner (Aiyo headache man..). 
So today I drove round and round this one area thinking what to eat there. Then I got fed-up, I went to 'KK' mart (there the one with green and orangy-red design like 7/11) and bought my self 2 packets of Maggie 'Kari', 1 Korean mee and 1 'Mee Goreng' (I always love it!!...). 
Planning what to eat can be so troublesome. lolz. Should I go Bangsar later for supper? (What to eat??!!)