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Sometimes I think I'm always wearing a mask. I'm always hiding behind a mask made of clay, paper, wood or "skin". I have to be who I am not in front of certain people. Being who I am not is not the worst part, but faking of who I am and lying about my feelings is the hardest thing I could do. Sometimes I got to fake what I do in order to bring joy to some or to please someone.
When will I be able to remove this mask I'm wearing? How long would I have to wear it? Will it be forever or for a moment? But what I know, I might not be able to remove it for where I am today, this mask that I'm wearing, might be the only thing that's making sure everything is going right and fine.
Don't like this mask, but I will wear it for as long as it takes.


  1. at least u dun hv to wear mask here rite? :)
    always looking for a 'better' mask to change ;p

  2. but sometimes my mask is still on when i'm here too..have too...
    thats rite... a better mask is always a need..;p


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