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One out the hundreds....

Its not once you've done this to me. It has been a hundred gazillion times. Why do you keep on doing this to me? Why do you keep on lying to me? What have I done wrong to you? Have I ever lied till that extend to you? You don't know how it hurts when you lie, but in the end I'll know about it without you even telling me. You think I'm stupid and I have a clue what you're doing. You think by lying to me that I wouldn't know what you're doing. I'm sick and tired of you lying to me and faking all your reasons. What will all this bring in the end? What will happen in the end? You've lied too much to me and there's nothing more I can take. I've trusted you but its like you're stabbing me in the back. What will I do? What will I say?


  1. bell smp bila?

    kokhua lies is never a gud thing but depends on situation....

  2. i think only u know what u shld do next..
    stay strong.. take care :)

  3. danny you are right..trying to be strong :)


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