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I'm not sure what my feelings should be right now. Should I be angry? Should I be furious? Should I be mad?
But why I am not? I totally mad but I'm controlling it. I'm utterly disapointed with you. I've place my trust on you but look at what has become of? I'm just to down by all this.
I've lost all my importants because of you. I can't blame you a 100% but couldn't you have thought about your actions before you do them?
You don't know how sick and tired I am with all your nonsenses. I just can't figure out what was in your head at that time?
Maybe you fooled too. Maybe you were cheated too.
Now you've learned the hardest lesson in life.
What's lost can't be attained back. What's be done might not be forgiven. What's said can't be taken back.
It's not ignorant but it's stupidity.