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To buy or not to buy...

Today and yesterday I've visited this lovely place. If I were to go there I could spend almost an hour by just looking at them. I love them.

"What a lovely pet shop!"

Skipping to the chase, should I get a rabbit? Well the last one I bought it was only with me for like 2 weeks and she (yes a she) went up to heaven due to unforeseen sickness. How could I go through it again (feeling sad...almost)?
But the rabbit is so cute! Have you seen rabbits, when you approach the cage, all of them would come to you for you to pat them? No rite?!. 
Seriously so cuteee! But should I get it? I really want to but should I? Herrrmmmm...
Mum said later. A someone said now (of course la because that someone won't 'jaga' it). Others what they say? I also don't know.

This is the bunny I want to buy!!


  1. u sure it's a rabbit?
    he/she got a bad hair day huh? lol ;p

  2. You should...get a hamster instead =) Can put in pocket =P

  3. danny it is a rabbit. angora damn cute!...can't a puppy lor...lolz

    paan hamster used too but now i go bigger ones...hehe


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