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I need a miracle....

These past few days has been such a roller coaster for me. Seriously I've never had such 'thing' happened to me before. I hardly ate, rest nor talked. Was thinking too much and finding what to do. My head was spinning in circles like 1000 rounds per second. Now all I can do is just wait and go with the flow. Cherish what I have and love what I have. Hope all will be fine and back to last time.

(p.s. - couldn't get the video) will blow up...

Grenade by Bruno Mars
The lyrics can't be any more true. It is what's happening now. Understand the lyrics and you'll understand what's happening.

Chirstmas is in the air!...

Lip Lap Lip Lap (eyes blinking not something else ya), its almost the end of November (I mean like a week more) and here comes December. Holidays for everyone (only for schools, colleges and universities). Hurray! When its December there's New Year and Christmas! Can't wait for a new year. But before that it'll be Christmas. But sadly this year won't be able to quite celebrate it. Well I got myself into it (something which I like but currently my hearts not into it at all), I'll have to suck it up. But at least I have the New Year, but there's a problem too. Lots of them (my lovely friends) won't be around to celebrate it. Looks like this year end would be a quite one for me. Was hoping for a great to this year but all seems not to go that way. Well what can I say? Nothing.
So to put some jingles in the air here's my favourite singer with a new Christmas single. Enjoy bloggies.

Be happy....AD

I've been quite down these past few days (or should I say weeks) due to uncertain reason (which I can't reveal here..hehe). I've been doing too much thinking, too much worrying. Because of all this, its seriously affecting my health (as I'm still bloody sick now), but luckily I'm getting much better (big smile...). Sometimes I think why should I even bother right? I mean enjoy life and face whatever it comes with an open heart and be positive (that's so true!). So from now on, I shall be happy with any situation and whatever comes my way. May it be bad or good, I'll always be happy and go lucky (like the old me :p). 

Flu bug....

Damn I'm hit by the flu bug again! (as picture above). I think my immune system is really damn low now (what to do always sleepppp only..!! lolz). I hate flu and I think nobody likes them either. I think I need Ridsect to kill it off (imagine I'm spraying myself with it...damn crazy!). Oh plus the weather now which is really helping me out to recover huh. I need very very good food now. More Vita C please!

If only you read what I'm writting here....

I was so happy and glad to know you the first time. But now it seems I don't quite know you anymore. I'm actually shattered here but you don't notice it as you live in your own world now. You don't know the rivers I've made from the drops of my eyes in a cold lonely night. People are right sometimes that good things don't last forever in this life. You don't know how it feels to be torn and stripped by doings you've made. It's true that we shouldn't hope much because our hearts will only break when its fake. There's an earthquake in me from the actions you've done. I wish only you read this but you aren't. Even if you do would know the story to it? I can't ask for more. Maybe its time.

Wonderful time.....

Had the best times in the past 2 days with all the crazy people in the world. It was so much fun hanging out with them after so long since I've reduced my hanging out-ness with them. They always cheer up my days and brings back the smile to my face. From watching movies on a laptop with a theater effect like a.k.a. cinema for a whole day and going through the storm for a trip to the waterfalls although the water was like Milo ice (serious...after the travelling we did not wanted to leave the place like that ait?). I can never get enough with them.
Bell / Jali / Bunga / Ann / Zue =)
p.s. - hanging out with them is better then hanging out with someone who's so close to my heart....


Today its all about the music! (I love music....its like blood to me...hahahaha - drama king). Maybe I should post entries like this ait? (No la sure boring.) Music from Natasha Bedingfield - Strip Me (like the sound of that ya..haha)

Lyrics people (sing it right):
La-la-la-la-la la
lala la la-la la lala

Everyday I fight for all my future somethings
A thousand little wars I have to choose between
I could spend a lifetime earning things I don't need
That's like chasing rainbows and coming home empty

And if you strip me, strip it all away
If you strip me, what would you find
If you strip me, strip it all away
I'll be alright

Take what you want steal my pride
Build me up or cut me down to size
Shut me out but I'll just scream
I'm only one voice in a million
But you ain't taking that from me (oh ooh)
You ain't taking that from me (oh oh)
You ain't taking that from me (oh oh)
You ain't taking that from me (oh oh)
You ain't taki…


Its been 2 months since I've completed my internship. Seriously, when I was working I was so hoping to end it fast! But now I'm kinda hoping I could go back there and work. Sitting at home all day doing nothing but Facebook, DVD's, eating, sleeping and all sorts is so boooorrrrriiinnngggg.  My mood now feels like going back to the office and tell my boss, "Hye is there work for me? (hahahaha)". I guess that's what happen when you hope too much. (I wonder what are they doing now??)

Here comes the cake....

Every wedding must have a wedding cake. But my sis thinks otherwise. She rather have not a cake, but my mum on the other hand disagrees with her. She insists on cake. So because of that my sis agree to have a wedding cake on her big day.  My mum's happy now! The story goes like this.  So one day me and my mum decided to go and look for a baker who specializes is wedding cakes. We found a few, they were very nice and ok. Besides, their prices were even very nice too! Can you imagine a wedding cake can cost a minimum of RM1500!! and that's for a small one!. (hye its just cake why so expensive aunty???) And so, since the cake was quite on a high side, at first my mum and agree on getting the cake although the price was like "THE PETRONAS TWIN TOWERS". Then suddenly one day my mum said, "Why don't we try making the cake ourselves? After all its not that difficult". (She was 70% right la...) That's when it began the 'WCP - wedding cake project'. We g…

Busy Busy Busy I'm So Busy.....

Seriously I've only been so busy like this like early of this year only and have not been so busy like now for such a long timeeee....

Sometimes I've always wanted to be busy but when I'm stuck in it, I just wanna get out from it man.!! Fuh!!

Ok. So you might ask what I'm 'sooooo' busy with right? (I can read your mind from my blog..hahaha).

So firstly, I'm still stuck with my FYP. I've met my lect but I've not gotten anything moving yet (I'm so gonna die shoooot??).

The secondly there's this camp that I'm joining and I'm currently stuck too with the preparations for it (although I'm just like "biar je la apa yang berlaku"..hahaha).

Thirdly I'm being the runner for my sis in preparations for her wedding by being the person who's going round sending her wedding cards out (love the running around part get to 'lepak lepak'..haha but hate it coz its clashing with my 1st and 2nd

Fourthly, I…


It will be a week tomorrow since the incident happen.What incident you might be asking? Well, its that all my precious and important belongings have been stolen from me by someone who was a 'so called' friend to a friend of mine. It's a very long story of what happen. (if you read my entry here, it was about that a friend). It's a long and complex story which I will not forget nor forgive. I'm still in shock but I'm trying to over come it. But I'm just kinda worried with all my P&C in my lappy, what will happen to them? I'm only wishing the person who stole my lappy to not do any thing with those docs but just delete them. I'm actually still cursing and swearing at the person who stole my things. It wasn't only mine, but the 3 of us (yes 3!!). Well like some people say, "You who do evil to one, will get your equal punishment as a result of your actions". Currently I'm still in a cold mode towards my friend. It's b…