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Busy Busy Busy I'm So Busy.....

Seriously I've only been so busy like this like early of this year only and have not been so busy like now for such a long timeeee....

Sometimes I've always wanted to be busy but when I'm stuck in it, I just wanna get out from it man.!! Fuh!!

Ok. So you might ask what I'm 'sooooo' busy with right? (I can read your mind from my blog..hahaha).

So firstly, I'm still stuck with my FYP. I've met my lect but I've not gotten anything moving yet (I'm so gonna die shoooot??).

The secondly there's this camp that I'm joining and I'm currently stuck too with the preparations for it (although I'm just like "biar je la apa yang berlaku"..hahaha).

Thirdly I'm being the runner for my sis in preparations for her wedding by being the person who's going round sending her wedding cards out (love the running around part get to 'lepak lepak'..haha but hate it coz its clashing with my 1st and 2nd

Fourthly, I'm into baking now!!! projects that involve baking was making a wedding cake (50% success), cup cakes and I've made a new recipe!! (it taste so good ok!!) (fret not people I shall post the pictures of my baking here sooonnn!!) (somehow I'm not sure how this fourth thing is making me busy..haha).

So the fifth thing that's keeping me busy is, I'm currently scouting or shall I say hunting for a tailor! to produce a proper attire for me (seriously its so hard to find a good and reasonable tailor....there are lots of cut throat people out there!!..haha).

My sixth busy making activity is socializing, which is definitely making me darn busy (gotta keep socializing or I'll be socialize...hahaha) (even I don't understand how the sixth item is keeping me busy..haha)

Six major things that is keeping me busy. I really don't how are this thing actually killing my time day by day (maybe I just don't have a good time management strategy..haha)


  1. 'busy with socializing' is never in my life.. cos i am so anti

    so r u making the wedding cake for ur sis? cos i beh tahan see those mock cake at hotels and restaurants every time go wedding diner..
    gd luck :)

  2. Danny socialize more. I think your profession requires it..haha
    I'm trying to make it. But not sure will be able
    Mock cakes if nice ok but those that looks so fake can be so embarrassing.. ;p


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