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Chirstmas is in the air!...

Lip Lap Lip Lap (eyes blinking not something else ya), its almost the end of November (I mean like a week more) and here comes December. Holidays for everyone (only for schools, colleges and universities). Hurray! When its December there's New Year and Christmas! Can't wait for a new year. But before that it'll be Christmas. But sadly this year won't be able to quite celebrate it. Well I got myself into it (something which I like but currently my hearts not into it at all), I'll have to suck it up. But at least I have the New Year, but there's a problem too. Lots of them (my lovely friends) won't be around to celebrate it. Looks like this year end would be a quite one for me. Was hoping for a great to this year but all seems not to go that way. Well what can I say? Nothing.

So to put some jingles in the air here's my favourite singer with a new Christmas single. Enjoy bloggies.


  1. i super LOVE xmas.. coz i can wrap
    still trying to figure out the theme for this year :))


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