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Here comes the cake....

Every wedding must have a wedding cake. But my sis thinks otherwise. She rather have not a cake, but my mum on the other hand disagrees with her. She insists on cake. So because of that my sis agree to have a wedding cake on her big day. 
My mum's happy now! The story goes like this. 
So one day me and my mum decided to go and look for a baker who specializes is wedding cakes. We found a few, they were very nice and ok. Besides, their prices were even very nice too! Can you imagine a wedding cake can cost a minimum of RM1500!! and that's for a small one!. (hye its just cake why so expensive aunty???)
And so, since the cake was quite on a high side, at first my mum and agree on getting the cake although the price was like "THE PETRONAS TWIN TOWERS". Then suddenly one day my mum said, "Why don't we try making the cake ourselves? After all its not that difficult". (She was 70% right la...)
That's when it began the 'WCP - wedding cake project'. We got all the stuff needed and it took 2 days to complete the project (so long leee.....).
Finally we finish the project which only cost around RM200 for a 2.1kg cake (So much more cheaper okay! even if you like times 10...haha)
Picture of the cake below. Take a look and comment on it!!

Bottom tier - the cake is forming into a master piece
Bottom tier with decorative sides - looks nice??
Top and bottom tier - the top tier looks better then the bottom one after some try and errors
The finish cake - aren't the flowers lovely??


  1. simple n nice.. very elegant
    is this what we call 'princess cake' ?

  2. wowwwwwwww. tak sangke ko ade bakat buat kek. huhu

  3. Danny - Thanks!! Simple better..hehe..I'm not sure what they call it actually..haha

    Bell - Biasa la..bakat terpendam..kekeke Nak order??


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