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It will be a week tomorrow since the incident happen.What incident you might be asking? Well, its that all my precious and important belongings have been stolen from me by someone who was a 'so called' friend to a friend of mine. It's a very long story of what happen. (if you read my entry here, it was about that a friend). It's a long and complex story which I will not forget nor forgive.
I'm still in shock but I'm trying to over come it. But I'm just kinda worried with all my P&C in my lappy, what will happen to them? I'm only wishing the person who stole my lappy to not do any thing with those docs but just delete them.
I'm actually still cursing and swearing at the person who stole my things. It wasn't only mine, but the 3 of us (yes 3!!). Well like some people say, "You who do evil to one, will get your equal punishment as a result of your actions".
Currently I'm still in a cold mode towards my friend. It's because of that friend all this has happened. People say I should forgive and forget, but I can't. There's a reason why I can't (besides if your items are worth thousands, I mean really at least 5k worth of items that was stolen, will you just let go like that?).
I shouldn't share the story of the incident here because I would not want that friend to go through the humiliation that it will suffer from what it has done to cause such an incident.
Well what I can do now is just move on and not be burden with that incident anymore. Just hope it will not happen again.

its not in my vocabulary now.....


  1. dunno what to say
    better luck next time..

    it might b a relief if u can forgive him :)

  2. Danny - I also don't what to say. I'm trying to forgive but maybe it'll take sometime before I'm able too.


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