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Its been 2 months since I've completed my internship. Seriously, when I was working I was so hoping to end it fast! But now I'm kinda hoping I could go back there and work. Sitting at home all day doing nothing but Facebook, DVD's, eating, sleeping and all sorts is so boooorrrrriiinnngggg. 
My mood now feels like going back to the office and tell my boss, "Hye is there work for me? (hahahaha)". I guess that's what happen when you hope too much. (I wonder what are they doing now??)

Menara Maxis - So nice working next to the tallest twin towers in the world


  1. its either u r a workaholic or u r really too bored at home or there's someone at work that u ;p

  2. could be maybe I'm really bored i guess...missing someone? maybe i could say i miss the chance..haha


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