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Eve of the Eve...

Its the Eve of the Eve of Christmas. Happy Holidays people! After 4 years, finally another get together. =)

ITs bling bling...bling-ing

Hye love-birds or solo-birds or what ever birds. How's the day like? Well mine sure ain't that good for reason I wouldn't know that's for sure. LoL.

So recently, I've got an early Christmas gift (its more of a gift from a blogger which I almost had the correct answer for his competion) from a person who really knows how to make your day. He's a blogger too (just fyi). You can find him here "CLICK ME"

Its all about "Okay"

I love myself & I love my job (trying to be more positive ++). I love the world (living more positive ++..hehe). 2011's about to end. Gosh its been so damn fast. Seriously, 2011, wasn't a good year, or maybe I can say 60% wasn't that good la. (stop here...won't go blasting about resolution stuff & bla bla bla).

Back to topic, the word "okay" can be so powerful. Sometimes I do say it all the time, & in the end, its not good. But today I'm going to say it loud & proud "OKAY".
Finally, I've known what the world (aka people around me) is. So easiest to say is "Okay" =).
Its a good thing to know, so that I know la. Hehe.
Well, looks like, we all got issues. Hurray!

So its Friday today, lets enjoy the day. Hoping tomorrow would be a better day.

All sorts la

Seriously, there are macam-macam people out there. Nice, friendly, funny, crazy, handsome, pretty, stupid, smart, and so much more. Sometimes trying to figure out all this people, can be such a headache and a pain in the @$$!. But well,  not choice kan? What to do? Just need to suck it up, and swallow it all down. Cisss..

Its been 6 months already at my new job. Thinking of a change, but friends are telling me to stay on 1st until the time is better. Well, maybe its true.

Bongsu aka Youngest

I think it's stigma thingy. Whenever someone ask me, "So you're the what child in the family?" answer "Youngest". The first reaction I get from those people are, " wonder". Seriously, what's so "no wonder"????? Aiyo...gua punye kepala mula la pening seh nak pikir mcm2 nih... People thing being the youngest is always like, "wah youngest so lucky la...honestly la, sometimes la, but not always pe"....

A statement from me: Being the youngest doesn't mean you get what the hell you want ok. Grow up! (telling myself la)

Let it burn!

Seriously, I just love this song so darn much! I've been listening to it at least 5 times a day (but I still can't remember the lyrics..hahaha). It's so deeppppp....

New Year's Eve

So everyone is planning for new year's eve. Why am I not planning yet? Well I did, but canceled everything, since its so unpredictable to plan early. So I'm just gonna have it in KL with some friends, maybe gila-gila abit. No X-tra crazy new year countdown. Last year I missed out, so this year is pay back..hahaha

What are your new year plans? Share skit-skit la..hehe

What am I turning into?

No, I'm not becoming Jacob or Andrew (is his name correct??). I'm turning into a quite a social-person. It's not I wasn't a social person before, but only lately I've been extra friendly. Hahaha. Kinda scary of myself too when I think about it. But well, maybe it's a good change for me. But hope I don't go overboard. Hahahaha.
Maybe I'm turning into a butterfly! "flap flap flap" don't break my wings ya.


Everywhere and everyday there's problem, but it's how you face it and fix it.
Don't question me if I've never or ever been through the worse or best, because I have.
Running away doesn't solve anything at all.

From long to short....snip snip

So I had a hair cut. I decided to go for something cooling. Something where I can feel the breeze gliding through my skin. Told the stylist, "I want something short, but stylo, keep the top long a little but sides short". So the stylist did just that. thought to myself, "hurmmm not bad ok, so macho now..hahaha".

The results,

Mum: Why you cut like that? Aiyo!
Dad: So short. Why?
Bro: Haha. Ok la.
Sis: (didn't interview her that time)

Friends (the most honest people, but in this situation I wish they weren't):
> AD!! You look to "jinjang" now. 
> AD!! Why so short not vogue anymore!
> AD!! You hair longer got fringe better la!
> AD!! You look so macho (love that comment..ahaha)
> AD!!! (the only thing was, laughsssss)

So now, I'm having regrets for cutting my hair short. It's was like from (example only) 10" to 2". Damn! But I'm so lucky to have fast growing hair. LOL. (kinda hate it coz I can't colour much …

Harimau Muda !!!

Seriously, I've never been a fan of M'sia's football team. But last, I became one of their most loyal fan!! .."imagine me in hitam kuning with strips on my face also".. Seriously Team Malaysia aka Harimau Muda aka Harimau Malaya aka Harimau Malaysia, you guys were awesome!! .."almost had a heart attack last night..fuh!".. Congratzzzz!! Proud to be Malaysian!

"Down Garuda, you've been tame by the Tigers"


I miss everything. I truly do. If I say no, I'm only faking myself. I'm truly unstable now. I have my family, but there are things which they can't support. I want a live, to be free and do what I please with it. But now it seems my wings are clipped again. I want to be out there. I need to be out there. But why don't they ever let me be? I was once happy about it, but now I'm feeling stressed and pressured with it. Everything I do needs to be checked. Everything I say has to be heard. I'm holding everything in me so tighly, but I'm not sure until when I can hold it in. I want my own space. I need my own space. Give me space. I'm trying to be the best that I can, but everyone is making it so hard for me. In me, there's a turmoil going happening. I'm no more the 7 year old child. I've grown into someone who has been taught what was right and what was wrong. I'm no more the person who used to say yes to everything without disagreement. I&#…


Have you suddenly had the feeling that you just don't want to think about it, and just let anything and everything that wants to happen let it happen? I'm going through it and honestly it kind of sucks, but well.

I'm just tired already.


Hye guys. I'm so slow in updating, but well. Okays. So what will todays story be about? Lets see. Lets talk about people having the courtesy and respect for others. Maybe some people should actually have a little respect for others when it comes to making certain decisions when it involves the person who needs the respect. Don't just go making decisions for your self and not seeking views from others. Secondly, have the courtesy to ask the other person if its okay to do something 1st, and not just going all out on your own. If it involves others, seek their view too.
I'm actually kind of pissed off. If I knew this was going to happen, I might have just not agreed to it. But because I was being respectful I did.


Well, I've voice what I wanted. Lets see what happens next.
But this song is for you. Enjoy it! Smoke your life to death....(is it harsh? ooopsss)

Hye people. It has been a tiring day for me. How was it for you? Which made me do some serious thinking too.
Sometimes I wonder, how did my life ended up like this? I mean my life is kinda good now, but the other part of life. What have I did wrong? Although I maybe did not, but I still wonder sometimes. There comes a time in our life, when we start to sit back, think and wonder to ourself. What is the future going to be like? I always tell people, "don't think too much, just go with flow, what comes let it come, what goes let it go", but why I can't seem to follow my own advice? I always tell people to let go of the past, but why me myself I can't do that? I'm holding on to it tightly for no reason.
Sometimes I wish I had a place where I can go to, release all my sadness, my tears, my pain, my sorrow, and come back with a new life and spirit.
The people that I need the most are not here, but somewhere far. Whenever there's a problem, I could run to them,…

Story 1....

Hye are you busy?
Not really, why?
Can't just say Hi?
Can, I didn't say you can't.
I miss you.
What, you do? lol, why?
Nothing just my feelings for you are still there.
Oh I see, well look at that.
How is your life?
Good, thanks for ruining it at 1st, but not its pretty good.
I know I did wrong and all.
Oh no, you did not.
Ok ok it was my fault.
Now only you realise it?
Are you single?
Well even if I'm not why would you want to now?
I'm single.
Oh good for you, but why, you should go out and find a few.
Nah not for me, I'm not interested, besides I got you.
Haha what makes you think that?
I really miss you.
Oh really? well good for you.
I'm not with anyone right now you know.
Well good for you again.
What you're doing? Nothing just FB-ing.
Me too.
Nice, I see you've added quite a number of unknown people.
Yeah they are just people I've known.
Oooo, even from Mexico you knew them? thats great.
I'm just adding them for fun.
Really, for "…

What you want to be? .......

Hye. Hi. How are you? I'm fine thank you. What you doing now? Working. Working where? On this planet. What company? Get Lost Sdn Bhd. Wah must be a good company. Not bad la, I get to sleep the whole day. You sure being paid very high right? Well, they are paying me money la. So where are you staying now? Taman Putra Timbaktu. So how is work? Very nice, I get to play Wii all day long. Wow! I'm so jealous of you! Well, don't be la, you're just unlucky la. Can get me into you company? Sure can, you go and sell your soul 1st then you can join the company.

- this post has nothing to do with the living or the dead.

1 month.....

Hye taco taco.
Looks like I've been working for a month now! Yes its officially my 1st month at my new work place. Only God knows how long I'll be here. Haha. It has been a nice 1 month. Not great yet. Just warming up to stuff and all. The heat has not arrived yet. Haha. All I can say is, the whole 1 month here has been freaking cold because of the air-cond. I guess the temp is always 16c from morning till night. If you've those winter clothes you want to show off, here's good for you. Hahaha. Can't wait what's installed for my next coming days in this company. Hope its exciting and fun! Till then....

Its all going smoothly....

Hye dearies. How are things going on? Currently while I'm typing for this post, I'm wrapped up in thick clothes because the air-cond is darn bloody cold and its making me so sleepy.
So, some updates. So far everything has been going very smooth. Work wise that is. Life wise, is going smooth too. Slowly getting back to my previous way of living that is. Haha. But there's always some thorn which is always pricking my finger sometimes. But luckily I'm not like Sleeping Beauty who gets prick and straight fall into a deep sleep and don't know how to wake up while waiting for true loves kiss. Although the kiss part might be good. Hahahaha. Anyways, missing my student life like a lot lot. My friends and all. The fun and crazy stuff.
Updates, thinking of getting a new car by year end, but it all has to go on pause mode until next year. Lots to do with the $$$.
So will just wait and see what happens next ya. XOXO.

"Betcha Gon' Know

Oh welcome to a day of my life
The memoirs of an imperfect angel
Oh welcome to a day of my life
The memoirs of an imperfect angel

Though the lights were low
I could see you both
In a lover's silhouette
And my heart stood still
I was froze right there
Staring down at her red dress
So I bolted out the door
Jumped right into the car
It's too dangerous
To be in the vicinity of where you are
Rolled down all the windows
Just so I could breathe
I can't believe you just actually did this shit to me
I'm going bout a hundred
Mascara runnin
Laughing out of anger
But it don't strike me as funny
Been too good to you
I've been virtuous and true
To have something like this
Happen in my own bedroom

Betcha Gon' Know oh how it feels
(when I get you back)
Betcha Gon Know oh how it feels
(when your heart's been cracked)
Betcha Gon Know oh how it feels
(when we fade to black)
How it feels for real

And you see your whole world collapse
Imma la-la-la-la-la-laugh
Imma la-la-la…

The black cat......

Hye to the world! Hows life going? Hope its all good. For me, its sure not at all.
Why do things happen? Opps.. Sorry I should be saying why do bad things happen? Is it karma or just plain ugly unwanted bad luck?? If its karma, well maybe I got to accept it. But if its just unwanted bad luck, then I'm really not liking it. So what's so bad you might ask? Hermm. lets see. Well for a start, since Jan it hasn't been quite good for me. Had probs with my supervisor and suff. Then had issues with "the love" and finally "ended the love". Then there was trips being canceled. Spending too much money (for this I'm not quite sure how its bad..hahaha but it is..). Then lately I guess the badness really hit me. My car was broken in, beg was stolen. Beg of clothes that is! Come on for christ sake! Why would you want to steal a beg of clothes? (maybe he thought it was a laptop?). But the person who did the stealing was hell of a specialist. There wasn't a sin…


"Eleven Hints for Life"

1. It hurts to love someone and not be loved in return.
But what is more painful is to love someone and never
find the courage to let that person know how you feel.

2. A sad thing in life is when you meet someone who
means a lot to you, only to find out in the end that it was
never meant to be and you just have to let go.

3. The best kind of friend is the kind you can sit on a
porch swing with, never say a word, and then walk away
feeling like it was the best conversation you've ever had.

4. It's true that we don't know what we've got until we lose
it, but it's also true that we don't know what we've been
missing until it arrives.

5. It takes only a minute to get a crush on someone, an
hour to like someone, and a day to love someone-but it
takes a lifetime to forget someone.

6. Don't go for looks, they can deceive. Don't go for wealth,
even that fades away. Go for someone who makes you
smile because it takes only a smile to make a …

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe,......

Good day dear gorgeous people! Sorry I'm not sure why do I have tto start my post with the "hi" and "hye" all the time. Haha. So lets do some sharing. Being in this world for 23 years, has really thought me much and I'm still learning, not stopping anytime soon of coz. I've learned to roll, crawl, walk, and run since I was such a cutie until I turn handsome. Hahaha. So, I've been hurt, happy, sad, bored and so much more. How has all of this affected me you ask? Well, what's for sure, I've never taken risk. I mean I do, but not those major risk. I don't jump into a sea of sharks without my cage. But, now, its the other way round. Who needs cages right? I'm just gonna jump in there, get what I want and be gone with it. Come on. Life is short! We got to be happy and enjoy it! So I'm gonna enjoy life. So must you!

Lets go diving!

Born that way.....

Hello to all the beaus & hands. How are you guys & gals?
Lets talk about looks or maybe....looks =D. So, I'm not sure if any of you have ever had a feeling like, "Why wasn't I born with those looks?" or "Why am I not cool?", all those bla bla bla. Well, I used to think like that, but hye! Guess what? What's the point of having all those but without a proper brain or attitude or whatever that's suppose to be good right? So no matter what you are, how you look, what you wear, what people say, you are who you are. Nobody can change that. Besides, if people say stuff, it means, they're just jealous. Haha.

Be a Godiva chocolate.


Ello people. I'm officially 2 weeks into my new job. So far has been good, but that's for now I guess. Haha. Lately had a sudden feel which I bet not many people would like to have it. Feel of everything is on your own, meaning no one beside you like usually. I guess that feeling does comes once in awhile. Can't escape it right? A friend once told me that, "Once you start work, everything will fall into place slowly, & you'll feel much better". Honestly the words are true. Things are getting better day by day, enjoying the more silent part of my life, having more time for myself and family. Plus work, is fun day by day too. Earning the bucks, planning my grand trip, things to get, people to belanja. Haha.
Haish. Well, that's life in the fast lane. Actually should make it FAB-lane. Yeah!

The second I heard this song, it was like, "Theme Song people!!". Hahaha

Piggy bank......

Hey ya to all! How are you lovely people doing?
Lets talk financial matters.  =) Not an interesting topic, honestly I do hate it, but what can I say? Being a working kid, its time to think about the $$$$$$$! So recently did some minor maths to see how much I can save and spend, which is the most important... hahaha.. Lots of minus then plus in the maths, which ends up, I'm having not much to spend! Such a sad news but, well future is more important right? Lots of savings to do. Need to fill the piggy bank, making sure he's fat as possible so he won't go hungry anytime soon. hahaha.
Save save save...enjoy enjoy enjoy...

p.s. - this post is the most unrelated post I've written  =p

If you have nothing nice to say, don't say it at all......

"If you have nothing nice to say, don't say it at all" Thumper's mom.

A very nice and lovely phrase but somehow, there are some people who just don't know when to keep their gap shut or lets say, they can't seem to say just nice things. These people are those who tries so hard to bring down others because of god kows for what reasons.
Its ok if you want to make a person look bad or sound bad, but do it more discreetly if possible. If you want to make an impression that you're so awesome and mighty, then shout it out to the world.
Bringing down others publicaly won't get you anything except letting people know what an a$$ you are and how childish is your thinking (talking about being in the 30s).
Everyone talks about everyone, that's for sure, but there's always the time and place for it.
Well, maybe like a friend once used to tell me, "We can't tell people what to say or what not to say. Just let them be. Only god knows the truth.&qu…

Talk about loosing it.....

Hye to all the pretty and handsome ones if you think you are. Hahaha. So today I was reading the paper like always, then suddenly something really caught my eyes and brain. I'm sure many of might have read it too somewhere I guess, but I can't resist sharing this news with you guys. Hahah. Read below

"A HIGHLY educated couple, in their 30s from Hubei, China, thought that the wife would get pregnant by sleeping on the same bed, Sin Chew Daily reported.
Prior to their marriage, the couple did not dare hold hands and kiss as they thought the woman would get pregnant by doing so, reported a China newspaper Chu Tian Jin Bao.
However, the couple decided to seek medical advice after the wife, who holds a masters degree, could not conceive.
They have been married for three years.
The doctor was shocked to learn about their “sex life”.
The husband, who has a doctoral degree, said they were too focused on their studies." from The Star.

Talk about loosing your "V" …

Not as easy as you think.....

So its my 2nd day. I think you're starting to get bored about me crapping too much about my working life. Well, what can I do, I'm excited ma. Haha. Anyways, one think is for sure. This job, its not as easy as you think it is. Currently although its my 2nd day, I'm feeling a little scared about my job already. It looks so so so so much more then I've expected. Hoping for the best though.

Smile smile, I shall love my job! Haha.

1st day.....

So today was my 1st day at work. Luckily for me, it all went well. Although I was kinda tired, but manage to pull through it and finally completed my 1st day.
I've got 3 weeks of training to go, hope all goes well.   =)

Plan je.....

Seriously I'm very good at planning something. Not bangga diri la, but planning like holidays and other stuff la. Haha. Ok back to the topic. Alright as I said I'm very good at planning, but i'm also very good making sure they don't happen as planned. Haha. It means, what I've planned, always TAK JADI WAN!! Why la? Sometimes it really gets me so frustrated to do any planning at all. Most of the time, its not me who make it TAK JADI but its others. Well can't blame other people too, everyone has their own priority.
Anyway, this won't stop me from continuing to plan things. Its quite funny, but actually I love to do planning for no reason. Maybe I've should gotten a job that requires me to do lots of planning instead. Haha.
So lets plan plan, and hope someday what I plan will work out.  =)

Is all about the money money money......

Money can buy you Happiness, but it can't buy you Love.
Money can buy you Ego, but it can't buy you Pride.
Money can buy you Loyalty, but it can't buy you Honesty.
Money can buy you Honor, but it can't buy you Respect.
Money can buy you Popularity, but it can't buy you Dignity.
Money can buy you Friends, but it can't buy you Family.

Ok I can't deny, we need $$$ to survive in this world, but certain things aren't just about the money.

Sometimes people can get blinded by money so much until they forget who there are or what they're doing. Be more down to earth, face reality and see reality.

Minty freshness.....

Hye perks. Well yesterday was a total leg breaking day. Was up since 7am and finally was laid to rest at 2am. Madness! What was I doing you might ask? I was busy moving from place to place. Firstly I made a visit to Monash, to help a friend out (nice campus very clean), then travelled to Ikea (which took me 1 hour ++ because I took the wrong road & had to make a huge round tour) for the not that great Meatballs for lunch, after that made a pit stop at 1 Utama (boring on weekdays) for movie & bowling & finally reached the finish line at Bangsar (parking there is a pain) for dinner & drink.

The whole day was out great, except during movie time at 1U.

Was expecting to have an enjoyable movie, but hell no I did not. Surprisingly, I think someone in the cinema might have just forgotten to brush their teeth? For the whole time, I had to suffer from the smell of someones breath which is totally not helping in making the movie a better experience. It was not just me who caugh…

1 week.......

Its official. I've left 1 week of pure relaxation & enjoyment. Now I'm actually hoping for more fun & joy. Truly, urgghhh...can't imagine I'm gonna work soon. I'm starting to feel the chills running through my veins. Shivers ain't helping. Hope it'll be fun! =)

One more thing that's been on my mind, I think Malaysian politics are truly going down the drain. What's going on out there? If only they could just do what they say, walk & talk at the same time.

p.s. - I'm praying for guys to land a job soon too.

-Miz Brit, the MV is so not u.

Can be quite irritating..........

Sometimes, when a person keeps trying to push their luck in certain situation, and gets too overboard, it really makes you irritated. I'm not in the right situation at the moment, but why don't you get it? Haha. Funny. I'm being friendly but you're going over the edge. Urghh.

Have you had people who just don't get the picture?

More sleep......

Is it due to me having too much extra sleep or what, but I'm really darn sleepy. If I'm up before 12pm, my eyes are like, someone's hanging stones on them with the help of a metal hook. Gosh! I just really can live a life like this, otherwise I'm gonna screw-up my working life soon. *Red Bull*


Finally! After a month plus plus long period, the waiting season is over! I've landed my first job! Plus it came with lots of surprises too! Haha. I'm super happy but at the same time frighten too. Moving into an unknown environment for the second time at a totally new place.

New phase....

Hye beautiful people all over the world. How has your day been like? Good? Bad? or Nothing much? Hehe. Well, whatever it is, hope it was just damn good.  =)
It has been a week I guest? So fast. So far so good. I've been taking it real good.
I've taken steps to forgive & forget.
So, I'll be moving into a new phase in life. I've received some pretty good news today. Hoping it'll last as long as possible.
To those I cherish, thank you for the support you girls & guys have given. Love ya!

A new me is to be born. The old me is to be thrown.

For you, thanks for the memories.  =)

New page?.....

Could it be that the time has come for me to start writing on a fresh new page? What colour would the new page be? Green? Black? Blue? White? What ever colour may it be, will it be enough to fill my thoughts in it? I do hope so.

Look a life on a more positive side.


Hye people. While I'm writing this post, I'm currently in a state of pure mixed-up emotions. Recently there has been all sorts of things happening in my life. It has been a real challenge for me to go through it day by day from the time I'm up till the time I'm on my bed.
I've made many mistakes. I mean who doesn't right? We make mistakes and we learn from it so that we won't repeat it in the near future, but sometimes we are just human. We are not perfect souls as we wish to be.
Living a complicated life,causes people to less understand us, and increase their likeness to judge us of what we've done.
There are times, some people might blame me for my actions or let it easier be said, mistakes. They assume the action I took is always my fault, and my wrong doing. Sometimes I just wish they were in my shoes, feel what I'm feeling, look at what I'm seeing and hear what I'm hearing.
I do agree, sometimes my action are based on my emotions, and I…

"Tut"...the number you have dialled....

Alright. Hye to all the human in this world. Love you all so much. Am I going nuts? I guest so for having nothing to do for almost a month now.

You know the time when people would say, after you've completed your studies you should find a suitable job?
Well like all the others, I've been told that, and currently going through it. To all those who all still studying, STUDY DON'T PLAY PLAY!.

Actually, seriously it's kind of getting a little stressful for me now. Not having a job yet is so painful now. Its like everything is about money. Yeah seriously. You wouldn't wanna know what happen ya?

So lately there's been this pressure for me, like, to get a job real quickly.
Plus, there are some who sees me as, "Ala you got no job no money, so you can't go la." Those kind of attitude. Urghhh. Thanks for the morale support ya!

There's a reason for it.....

Everything happens for a reason. Even challenges in life happens for a reason.
Trying to have the perfect life is never possible, but we only try to make it as perfect as possible.

I once thought my life was complete and perfect but I was wrong. It has never been. I've been dening it for so long until I've manage to realised it.

A friend told me, we got to learn and accept was is to be and was is not.

Honestly, now is the worse time in my life.

I'm trying to fight the wave out to sea but it keeps pushing me back to shore.

Nothing matters.....

Hye dearest...yeah you la...the one reading this post..just decided to call you dearest (with no feelings what so ever..hahaha)
Alright. Its been a few weeks since I've ended my studies. Basically what I'm doing these days are just simply eating, sleeping, driving, walking, eating, resting, then sleeping again. Not much shopping or traveling since I'm not a working adult yet. Yeah! still surviving on my monthly allowances which I hope I won't have too soon. 
Not that I wouldn't love too, but like all the wise people used to say "be more independent!". Well guest what?! I am trying to be independent la!.
The problem is I'm still waiting for people to CALL ME ON MY MOBILE PHONE! Why don't they call? Busy ke? Haha. Well, mustn't rush into it ya? Others I might just regret it. So crossing fingers hoping to land a good one, with BIG, FAT, $$$$$! Hahaha. Who doesn't right?
So that's a short post from your loving or hating blogger (which it …

Give A Little....

Well after much search I've done for this song, finally I know who sang it. Haha. Ya ya. I know I'm a little outdated but who cares right? Still heart this song! Its so wanna make my feet & hips move!!

HANSON - Give A Little

I wanna dance dance dance.....

Its been quite sometime I've been thinking of taking up a dance class. Not those 'Cha-Cha' dance class la. I mean like those modern dance classes or maybe hip-hop (if I am able too). But I prefer those modern ones where they mix everything together. Its so 'wa-wa-wa-la-la-la'.
Anyhow, the problem is, where to find a good and not so pricing-choking classes? There's one in S.PARK but not sure if its still there.
Wonder should I shake or just bake? Hahaha.
Any place to suggest? Share la....

Cute song. Heart the lyrics. XOXO

Oh My....

Holy s#$t. How long have I not been blogging? Not really that long actually. Hahaha. I should really get back to my blogging stuffy, but I'm such a Twitty Twitter person. Hahaha. I shall return! If I can. Hahaha.

P.s. - look out for my new blog site coming soon!!!!

I'm back.....sort of.....

My last post was 13 - 5 - 2011. It feels like so long. LOL.

I've left my little blog alone for so long. I'm so sorry *heart2heart session now*. LOL. Well no worries. Now I'm back with you. LOL.
Before I begin. Here's the list of words I would love to shout out loud on superb high mountain.

1) Shit
2) Bloody
3) Damn
4) Hell
5) Stupid
6) F#@K
7) A$%
8) Nuts

Alright. All the words above ARE NOT meant for SOMEONE, but it's currently my state of body and soul. I've go so many things to do *until my poor blog was left aside* till I'm going nuts. Don't talk about sleep since I'm hardly getting and the deadline is only next week *I don't want to present can ar?*. My stress level is unpredictable as well as my mood just like the weather.

Who's bad guy ?.....

Illusion never changed Into something real I'm wide awake and I can see The perfect sky is torn You're a little late, I'm already torn


Did someone told you that being a student was fun & easy? Well I had one. I totally agree on being a student ( I mean a Uni student) is fun, but hell it's not easy! 2 years & soon to end my 3rd year has been such a roller-coaster people!
Like know, currently I'm actually, oh no can't admit it but seriously I'm struggling to finish all my assignments on time, which by the way, the due date is all NEXT WEEK!! Should I just strangle myself?
Ok Ok. It all boils down to time management. Fine my time management hasn't been all that good, but I did plan, and I did not know my plans clash with all the other plans, which is my having to much plan is no good.
I feel I'm got so much to do but so little time!
I got a:
- Presentation tomorrow
- Tomorrow complete my Japanese essay
- Tomorrow study & memorise for my next Japanese lesson which is on Monday
- Friday translate my Japanese dialog
- Saturday memorise my Japanese dialog
- Sunday rest day
- Monday pass u…


So the other day I had a short chat with a friend of mine in class. The talk started of when she ask me about one of my other friends relationship status. The chat when smooth.

Then suddenly she started talking about her sexuality & then we started sharing (& caring). We talked about the straight-s, bi-s, lesbi-s & gay-s. She shared some of her recent experience & she said she's now in a dilemma of confusion. Confusion of something I guest many others out there have or are going through it.

We live in a "world" which is very sensitive & conservative when it comes to sexuality.

So I told her, just be who you are & be proud of it. If you think it's right for you to share it with the "world" then its okay but if it's not, then just keep it a secret. After all everyone has secrets =)

No one can tell you who or what to be. Only you yourself can.
Sexuality, you decide.

I had the feeling...

On Monday I had this feeling. Today I had this feeling too.
What feeling? This feeling la.
The feeling of not attending class. This particular class. Which is "Japanese".
OK. I had this feeling of not attending my Japanese class on Monday and today. But I push my self to attend it.
The best part, for both classes, it was canceled.
So the lesson is,
I had the feeling of not attending my Japanese class was right because,
So my instinct was right!
I should have not attend the class. Instead just sleep in for an hour or so...haish!!..hahaha

Kesha - Blow

Lady Gaga - Born This Way.....

Finally her video for her latest single 'Born This Way' is out.
Not only are her outfits are always outrageous, her videos are also out of this world...hahaha
But I love this song so much. Catchy and matchy..

Enjoy the video ya!!!

What did I do today?....

So today was a day filled with food!!..haha Ya FOOD!.
It wasn't filled with classes but food. So my class was canceled today. I only got to know about it after I've arrived at the hall. Please don't ask why no one told me about it. Well it's because I'm such a timid person in that class. Low profile ma! hehhehe.
So class was canceled what to do? Well I called my best buddy Bellamin Karim and said "Babe kat mane? Jom gi lunch?". His answer was "Ok je". So I drove straight to the place he was and MAKAN! Can you imagine, after lunch, it was around 4 like that, we went McD.
Ok the main purpose to be at McD was to have a Cornetto Sundae. But instead I ended up ordering a set of Chicken McNuggets Medium and a Sundae plus a cup of Milo Ice.

Am I eating too much?? OMG hope not...I wanna be slim like forever. Shooooooo fatssss...hahaha


So the exam results have been out & I've got to known mostly all of it. 6 words for it.

Exam Is Not My Kinda Thing !!

Why? Because I've been not studying that's why..hahaha...
Wake up & smell the roses. Is it sweet? Or sour?


My 326 entry...

So how has your CNY been like? Well mind is just like that every year. Nothing to 'booommm' about.

How has your Valentines Day been like? Well mind wasn't all that romantic but I did some traveling. If you know about it, you would just say that "You're a crazy bugger!!". Hahaha. But I love traveling may it be far or near, as long I'm able to be out of KL. Hehehe.

So tomorrow I shall be on a trip again. Up north for 3 days for some relaxation (if its possible) & fresh air. I hope I might enjoy it. Really hope I do. =)

Story - I msg2 tp xde reply langsung. Knp? Adakah kreditnya habis? Missing ya. Tp u x tahu kot. Nak sakit hati tp ingin elakkan pergaduhan. Hope sume ok je kat sn. Jumpa u besok je la. Hati sedih now. =(


Should you or should you not believe in Horoscopes?

Well for me, sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. Have you like after a day has ended, you decide to read your daily Horoscope & to find what has been said actually happened? I have experience it many times.
So should I believe it or just read it just as a another information for my daily routine?

So far what has been said is true. (not all but part of it..haha)

1 to 20....

Alright. Today was a day I was so damn afraid to take an exam. For no reasons. I was nervous, scared & all sorts till I had not taken lunch.


Because it was the Japanese language exam! Maybe the nervousness & all was due to the lack of study. (sure it is...hahaha..I'm a last minute person when it comes to studies..haha). But the funny thing was, during the exam, I was calm as serene. (For no reason again). So with that I had confidence again back in me. Hooorayyy.

But, there's always a but. My hopes was slash to death by the evils of earth!

I was told it was suppose to be a 1 hour exam. The lect reminded again that it was 1 hour but if your done early you could return. So with that I was alright, fears aside.

But, again a but.

After only 20 minutes, all students were told to put their pens down. TIME'S UP!. (my soul just flew away from me....). I'm not done yet human!. I was "OMG!!. Hell shall rise..hahah". 1 hour but you made it 20 minutes??? Da…

Ya ya....

I'm not quite sure if this post has anything to do with the title. I can't think of a nice title. ;p

Lets talk about to do. Alright!

The day started off LAZY. Got up for like 5 minutes & went back to sleep for like FIVE minutes again.
Got to CLASS. As usual always DAY dreaming. When for the NEXT class. The next ONE. Had LUNCH with my BUBBLY friend. Then BACK to class. Another class. BORING it was. FUN had games. EXAM was hell. Came back HOME. Finally I'm on the BED again.

So my life is so like this EVERYDAY. Round round & round I go. ZZzzzzz.....

What will happen.....

Should it be a good news? Should it be a bad news? Or should it be a sad news? Maybe could it be a sober news? What ever it is, for me its not a good news. A year it has been. A sudden news has changed everything. I'm shock about it & is still shock about it. How will I take it if it really does become a reality? Will I be down for weeks or months? Or will I be calm about it & carry on with life?  Will I be strong to face it? Or will I break down from it & carry the pain always?  I'm hoping for the best & not the worst. I'm preparing myself for anything that might come. Positivity.

Reds & Turning 23....

Again Happy Chinese New Year to all!!. Hope it was a hopping new year you guys & girls had! Well this year, new year was more or less the same as other new years. Actually it was pretty boring for me since I've not done any visiting for 3 years now. (I'm just to lazy to go round although I'll get red packets for it..haha). The new year was quiet this time. First new year eve without my sis since she's married already. (got a fat ang pao from her..hehe). So nothing much to talk about new year. Its the same new year like always. Except I collect more this year, which is the best part of it.
Moving on,
So CNY was on the 3rd, but on the 4th was the nicer part of it. It was MY BIRTHDAY!!.

Damn I'm getting older year by year. Can't believe it. (but I won't go for botox..wouldn't want a stiff mouth or puffy lips which is not so juicy after all....haha). I've 23! Luckily still young. (I'm lovin' it). So this year it was celebrated with my family on…

Happy Chinese New Year 2011....

Happy Chinese New Year to all! Have a hopping prosperous and joyful new year! Have a safe 'balik kampung' trip!

p.s. - I wanna get a Holland Lop. I'm stuck with it now. Its so damn cute. Google it and find out. haha


Why I love this month? Its because its my birth month and besides that, I get a whole month of discounts from various brands. Hurray! But no shopping for me. :( Gotta save up for my coming soon trip and soon to come trip. ;p

How shall I put it.....

If you decide to make a plan stick with it. If something crops up, try to deal with it. If you know you might have made a mistake, try to solve it. If you made deal, pay for it. If you're going to be sensitive, be wise enough for it. If you think its all about you, might just forget about it.
Sometimes we have to give and take on certain situation. Not everything is just given. We have to take what is given, and give when it's to be given.
Avril Lavigne - What The Hell
Loving the song.....


I'm speechless. I'm sad too. But I wish you all the best. Be safe and take care. Thank you.


A song for the broken hearts out there.


Why are humans aren't acting as humans? How can humans be such cruel creatures?  There's been a recent vibe on Facebook about a couple who was shown abusing a cute innocent poodle on video. The video was recorded by the lover (girl) showing the other lover (boy) training a poor dog by abusing  it.  Read here to know more and see more at MDDB
I truly hope the guy rots in hell for his doing. Stop animal cruelty!!

What's waiting for me.....

Sometimes I would just sit back, relax, have a cup of coffee and think to myself. What would my future be? 
I mean, with all this unpredictable stuff going on, what will it be like?  Will my future be affected by my doings now?  Will my future be bright like the morning sun? 
Sometimes, honestly I do worry about my future. Especially with my life now which I can say is not planned out to be. Every morning I wake up, and  I'll go like, "Is this what I really want ?" or "What happened ?". I'm kind of having a fun life now with my friends and family, but I'm afraid sometimes I might just loose them all. Is because I'm thinking too much of it? Maybe I just need to stop thinking and just go on with life. 
 In 5 years time, where will I be? Will my life change? Well I'll have to find out when the time comes. 
What will my future be like?


So the above title is the code for my Japanese language class. At 1st I thought learning Japanese was like, "Awesome!!". Now I think I'm kinda regretting it. Why? Because learning Japanese (reading & writing) is so DIFFICULT!. But what to do, I chose it so I'll have to stick with it for another 4 months. The other great part of it is that I got to know all the Hiraganas and Katakanas by CNY. Because after that it's exam time. I hope I won't die (of cos I won't...haha). Tomorrow there's again another quiz for Japanese & I'm only 60% there. Hope by tonight I'll be able to finish it.

Do good...

There's a saying that goes, "If you do good to someone, one day that someone will do good to you too", (Am I right or wrong? Not sure la..hahahaha). My mum always tell me this and says everything happens for a reason, sometimes not much questions to it. So maybe we have to face facts. So from now on I will try my best to do good (not saying I don't do good now la..I still do ok!), not only for me, but for all my loved ones and cherish ones.

For you.....

This for you. Most of the time you're great and I love everything about it. But there are times you can be such a pain in the @$$!. Your emotions are taking control of you like hell. You take the wrong as the right, and the right as the wrong. Sometimes I think you have a emotional disorder but then again I think you're just fine. You think you are right most of the time and I'll have to give in, but you have never given in to me. It's definitely stressful sometimes but it's lucky I'm not showing it as much as you do with your emotions. Please I ask of you. Don't be so bloody sensitive. I think maybe you're just to worked out or something, but don't take it out on me. If your day's bad, don't ruined mine. Control your temper or I'll loose mine.
P.s. - don't take things for granted.

Nice song....

As you know I'm not quite a Linkin Park fan since the 1st day they shot into the music scene. But these particular song is suddenly becoming one of my fave now. Not sure why but 'I'm Lovin' It'.


When I'm given a long break from class (like today until Sunday), the only thing I would love to do is sleep. I don't know why but it's like I don't have much sleep at all. I am going to be a "sleep-er-holic" ? Hahaha. Home not. The second that I'm typing this too I feel like sleeping.

Go with flow....

"Go with the flow". This is what my friend told me. So that is what I shall do. I should just follow where the river flows because in the end I might not be at the losing end but someone else. All the time I have been trying to do all I can but nothing seems to be right because it's always my wrong. Then may it be. I shall not bother much and let you be.

Busy week....

My dear blog. Miss your darn much (not really nah!!..haha). So the 1st week on 2011 has just ended. Now we'll be moving into the 2nd week of 2011. How fast is that? Very fast indeed.  I'll be facing a very busy and important week this week. My sis is getting hitch!! (finally after years..haha). Got lots to do and lots to prepare. Just tried my jacket and my mum says "the guest will be wondering who is the groom" (over powering its call? hahaha). Didn't tailor it due to time constrain. Had to buy is off the rack ( so sad right? not!!..).  Seriously sometimes I'm running out of ideas to write in my blog (that's the reason for not much news from me..haha). Maybe I got to be a little more hardworking in updating my blog.  Well CNY is coming soon, so is my birthday!! Can't wait for it. Wonder what I'll get??? (don't hope to much AD - telling myself). 

< 1 year. Holiday can't wait for it! >


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! (although its already the 2nd day of the year but its still not to late to wish right??? haha). 2010 is gone and 2011 is here. A new decade full of adventure awaiting. Hoping that 2011 will be a much better year for me and all my loved ones plus friends and not forgetting dear bloggers too. Starting fresh!!...

- you're back!!...