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So the above title is the code for my Japanese language class. At 1st I thought learning Japanese was like, "Awesome!!". Now I think I'm kinda regretting it. Why? Because learning Japanese (reading & writing) is so DIFFICULT!. But what to do, I chose it so I'll have to stick with it for another 4 months. The other great part of it is that I got to know all the Hiraganas and Katakanas by CNY. Because after that it's exam time. I hope I won't die (of cos I won't...haha). Tomorrow there's again another quiz for Japanese & I'm only 60% there. Hope by tonight I'll be able to finish it.


  1. i once spoke to a japanese staff in nihonggo.. and she replied me in japanese cos she thought i know.. and all i know is wakarimasen ;p
    gambade :)

  2. haha...its fun learning nihonggo but not as easy as it sounds. :)


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