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Busy week....

My dear blog. Miss your darn much (not really nah!!..haha). So the 1st week on 2011 has just ended. Now we'll be moving into the 2nd week of 2011. How fast is that? Very fast indeed. 
I'll be facing a very busy and important week this week. My sis is getting hitch!! (finally after years..haha). Got lots to do and lots to prepare. Just tried my jacket and my mum says "the guest will be wondering who is the groom" (over powering its call? hahaha). Didn't tailor it due to time constrain. Had to buy is off the rack ( so sad right? not!!..). 
Seriously sometimes I'm running out of ideas to write in my blog (that's the reason for not much news from me..haha). Maybe I got to be a little more hardworking in updating my blog. 
Well CNY is coming soon, so is my birthday!! Can't wait for it. Wonder what I'll get??? (don't hope to much AD - telling myself). 

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