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For you.....

This for you. Most of the time you're great and I love everything about it. But there are times you can be such a pain in the @$$!. Your emotions are taking control of you like hell. You take the wrong as the right, and the right as the wrong. Sometimes I think you have a emotional disorder but then again I think you're just fine. You think you are right most of the time and I'll have to give in, but you have never given in to me. It's definitely stressful sometimes but it's lucky I'm not showing it as much as you do with your emotions. Please I ask of you. Don't be so bloody sensitive. I think maybe you're just to worked out or something, but don't take it out on me. If your day's bad, don't ruined mine. Control your temper or I'll loose mine.

P.s. - don't take things for granted.