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What's waiting for me.....

Sometimes I would just sit back, relax, have a cup of coffee and think to myself. What would my future be? 

I mean, with all this unpredictable stuff going on, what will it be like? 
Will my future be affected by my doings now? 
Will my future be bright like the morning sun? 

Sometimes, honestly I do worry about my future. Especially with my life now which I can say is not planned out to be. Every morning I wake up, and  I'll go like, "Is this what I really want ?" or "What happened ?". I'm kind of having a fun life now with my friends and family, but I'm afraid sometimes I might just loose them all. Is because I'm thinking too much of it? Maybe I just need to stop thinking and just go on with life. 

 In 5 years time, where will I be? Will my life change? Well I'll have to find out when the time comes. 

What will my future be like?


  1. its good to have a guideline or direction... but must be flexible to change it according to evnvironment..
    dun think too much.. just enjoy whatever u have everyday :))

  2. Will follow your advise Danny. ;)


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