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What did I do today?....

So today was a day filled with food!!..haha Ya FOOD!.
It wasn't filled with classes but food. So my class was canceled today. I only got to know about it after I've arrived at the hall. Please don't ask why no one told me about it. Well it's because I'm such a timid person in that class. Low profile ma! hehhehe.
So class was canceled what to do? Well I called my best buddy Bellamin Karim and said "Babe kat mane? Jom gi lunch?". His answer was "Ok je". So I drove straight to the place he was and MAKAN! Can you imagine, after lunch, it was around 4 like that, we went McD.
Ok the main purpose to be at McD was to have a Cornetto Sundae. But instead I ended up ordering a set of Chicken McNuggets Medium and a Sundae plus a cup of Milo Ice.

Am I eating too much?? OMG hope not...I wanna be slim like forever. Shooooooo fatssss...hahaha


So the exam results have been out & I've got to known mostly all of it. 6 words for it.

Exam Is Not My Kinda Thing !!

Why? Because I've been not studying that's why..hahaha...
Wake up & smell the roses. Is it sweet? Or sour?


My 326 entry...

So how has your CNY been like? Well mind is just like that every year. Nothing to 'booommm' about.

How has your Valentines Day been like? Well mind wasn't all that romantic but I did some traveling. If you know about it, you would just say that "You're a crazy bugger!!". Hahaha. But I love traveling may it be far or near, as long I'm able to be out of KL. Hehehe.

So tomorrow I shall be on a trip again. Up north for 3 days for some relaxation (if its possible) & fresh air. I hope I might enjoy it. Really hope I do. =)

Story - I msg2 tp xde reply langsung. Knp? Adakah kreditnya habis? Missing ya. Tp u x tahu kot. Nak sakit hati tp ingin elakkan pergaduhan. Hope sume ok je kat sn. Jumpa u besok je la. Hati sedih now. =(


Should you or should you not believe in Horoscopes?

Well for me, sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. Have you like after a day has ended, you decide to read your daily Horoscope & to find what has been said actually happened? I have experience it many times.
So should I believe it or just read it just as a another information for my daily routine?

So far what has been said is true. (not all but part of it..haha)

1 to 20....

Alright. Today was a day I was so damn afraid to take an exam. For no reasons. I was nervous, scared & all sorts till I had not taken lunch.


Because it was the Japanese language exam! Maybe the nervousness & all was due to the lack of study. (sure it is...hahaha..I'm a last minute person when it comes to studies..haha). But the funny thing was, during the exam, I was calm as serene. (For no reason again). So with that I had confidence again back in me. Hooorayyy.

But, there's always a but. My hopes was slash to death by the evils of earth!

I was told it was suppose to be a 1 hour exam. The lect reminded again that it was 1 hour but if your done early you could return. So with that I was alright, fears aside.

But, again a but.

After only 20 minutes, all students were told to put their pens down. TIME'S UP!. (my soul just flew away from me....). I'm not done yet human!. I was "OMG!!. Hell shall rise..hahah". 1 hour but you made it 20 minutes??? Da…

Ya ya....

I'm not quite sure if this post has anything to do with the title. I can't think of a nice title. ;p

Lets talk about to do. Alright!

The day started off LAZY. Got up for like 5 minutes & went back to sleep for like FIVE minutes again.
Got to CLASS. As usual always DAY dreaming. When for the NEXT class. The next ONE. Had LUNCH with my BUBBLY friend. Then BACK to class. Another class. BORING it was. FUN had games. EXAM was hell. Came back HOME. Finally I'm on the BED again.

So my life is so like this EVERYDAY. Round round & round I go. ZZzzzzz.....

What will happen.....

Should it be a good news? Should it be a bad news? Or should it be a sad news? Maybe could it be a sober news? What ever it is, for me its not a good news. A year it has been. A sudden news has changed everything. I'm shock about it & is still shock about it. How will I take it if it really does become a reality? Will I be down for weeks or months? Or will I be calm about it & carry on with life?  Will I be strong to face it? Or will I break down from it & carry the pain always?  I'm hoping for the best & not the worst. I'm preparing myself for anything that might come. Positivity.

Reds & Turning 23....

Again Happy Chinese New Year to all!!. Hope it was a hopping new year you guys & girls had! Well this year, new year was more or less the same as other new years. Actually it was pretty boring for me since I've not done any visiting for 3 years now. (I'm just to lazy to go round although I'll get red packets for it..haha). The new year was quiet this time. First new year eve without my sis since she's married already. (got a fat ang pao from her..hehe). So nothing much to talk about new year. Its the same new year like always. Except I collect more this year, which is the best part of it.
Moving on,
So CNY was on the 3rd, but on the 4th was the nicer part of it. It was MY BIRTHDAY!!.

Damn I'm getting older year by year. Can't believe it. (but I won't go for botox..wouldn't want a stiff mouth or puffy lips which is not so juicy after all....haha). I've 23! Luckily still young. (I'm lovin' it). So this year it was celebrated with my family on…

Happy Chinese New Year 2011....

Happy Chinese New Year to all! Have a hopping prosperous and joyful new year! Have a safe 'balik kampung' trip!

p.s. - I wanna get a Holland Lop. I'm stuck with it now. Its so damn cute. Google it and find out. haha


Why I love this month? Its because its my birth month and besides that, I get a whole month of discounts from various brands. Hurray! But no shopping for me. :( Gotta save up for my coming soon trip and soon to come trip. ;p