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1 to 20....

Alright. Today was a day I was so damn afraid to take an exam. For no reasons. I was nervous, scared & all sorts till I had not taken lunch.


Because it was the Japanese language exam! Maybe the nervousness & all was due to the lack of study. (sure it is...hahaha..I'm a last minute person when it comes to studies..haha). But the funny thing was, during the exam, I was calm as serene. (For no reason again). So with that I had confidence again back in me. Hooorayyy.

But, there's always a but. My hopes was slash to death by the evils of earth!

I was told it was suppose to be a 1 hour exam. The lect reminded again that it was 1 hour but if your done early you could return. So with that I was alright, fears aside.

But, again a but.

After only 20 minutes, all students were told to put their pens down. TIME'S UP!. (my soul just flew away from me....). I'm not done yet human!. I was "OMG!!. Hell shall rise..hahah". 1 hour but you made it 20 minutes??? Damn!!!...

I think I might get screwed from my lect if she see's my answers. (her scarf might catch on fire..haha)