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My 326 entry...

So how has your CNY been like? Well mind is just like that every year. Nothing to 'booommm' about.

How has your Valentines Day been like? Well mind wasn't all that romantic but I did some traveling. If you know about it, you would just say that "You're a crazy bugger!!". Hahaha. But I love traveling may it be far or near, as long I'm able to be out of KL. Hehehe.

So tomorrow I shall be on a trip again. Up north for 3 days for some relaxation (if its possible) & fresh air. I hope I might enjoy it. Really hope I do. =)

Story - I msg2 tp xde reply langsung. Knp? Adakah kreditnya habis? Missing ya. Tp u x tahu kot. Nak sakit hati tp ingin elakkan pergaduhan. Hope sume ok je kat sn. Jumpa u besok je la. Hati sedih now. =(


  1. my cny biasa-biasa je

    happy traveling..
    n happy 'reunion' :)


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