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Reds & Turning 23....

Again Happy Chinese New Year to all!!. Hope it was a hopping new year you guys & girls had! Well this year, new year was more or less the same as other new years. Actually it was pretty boring for me since I've not done any visiting for 3 years now. (I'm just to lazy to go round although I'll get red packets for it..haha). The new year was quiet this time. First new year eve without my sis since she's married already. (got a fat ang pao from her..hehe). So nothing much to talk about new year. Its the same new year like always. Except I collect more this year, which is the best part of it.

Moving on,

So CNY was on the 3rd, but on the 4th was the nicer part of it. It was MY BIRTHDAY!!.

Damn I'm getting older year by year. Can't believe it. (but I won't go for botox..wouldn't want a stiff mouth or puffy lips which is not so juicy after all....haha). I've 23! Luckily still young. (I'm lovin' it). So this year it was celebrated with my family on a smaller scale compared to last year which I had it with my friends. Had a wonderful dinner at Outback Steakhouse in Bangsar. (Thank you to my lovely Sis who paid for it...hehehehe love ya). The food was good, seriously much better then San Francisco. (It used to be good the one in Mid Valley, to bad it closed, and the KLCC one is not that good either). Had a fun time that night. With the family laughing and joking. (love my family so much!!). Had no cake but had them was all that I needed.
The next day, met up with my friends who just returned from Singapore (I was suppose to be there too but someone had to suddenly could not go...was mad but...well forget it anyway). They gave me the sweetest give. (I mean it is...marshmallows). A very cute bunny (a toy but it looks like it would awaken in the middle of the night & give you a heart attack instantly) & a box of pink covered with gold dust edible marshmallows. (it was such a simple but meaningful give....thanks guys).

So that's about all for my CNY thingy. Nothing much. But still loving it.
More to come. =)


  1. happy belated birthday :)
    my goodness .. i am almost a cycle older than you...;(

  2. Danny - Thanks!!!..
    haha don't say that lorr...


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