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What did I do today?....

So today was a day filled with food!!..haha Ya FOOD!.
It wasn't filled with classes but food. So my class was canceled today. I only got to know about it after I've arrived at the hall. Please don't ask why no one told me about it. Well it's because I'm such a timid person in that class. Low profile ma! hehhehe.
So class was canceled what to do? Well I called my best buddy Bellamin Karim and said "Babe kat mane? Jom gi lunch?". His answer was "Ok je". So I drove straight to the place he was and MAKAN! Can you imagine, after lunch, it was around 4 like that, we went McD.
Ok the main purpose to be at McD was to have a Cornetto Sundae. But instead I ended up ordering a set of Chicken McNuggets Medium and a Sundae plus a cup of Milo Ice.

Am I eating too much?? OMG hope not...I wanna be slim like forever. Shooooooo fatssss...hahaha